Silver Magazine Nicole Kidman - age is just a number you’re in your 50s or 60s we know you don’t feel old. So why does mainstream media try to portray you that way?

You grew up through the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. There isn’t much you haven’t seen, right? You’re traveling, launching new businesses, taking risks, buying property, changing direction – even throwing yourselves out of planes. You’re not pottering around in a cardie, are you. Well, not all the time.

Silver is a magazine reflects the real 50+ generation, with all its fire and fun – and future.

Silver has features on all areas of your lifestyle, from amazing food, fashion and fitness to travel, business, and hard hitting editorial. We’ll speak to your interests, and challenge your perceptions.

Cover price for Silver Magazine is £3.25 and we often offer special rates for signing up. Right now you can subscribe for your first copy completely free, with NO obligation to keep receiving the magazine, and you can sign Dolly Rocket on getting fit in your 50s Silver Magazine for that HERE. The magazine is quarterly but Silver Magazine Online – this site – will have articles running all week, every week, so there’s always great stuff to read.

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