18/07/2017 silvermagazine

It’s always good to hear from the team here at Silver and Title Media, and this interview is straight from the top! Silver founder Sam Harrington-Lowe talks a bit about the development of Silver Magazine, and Silver as a whole, together with details on how to subscribe and what to expect in the near future. Simply click on the sound bar’s play button below. With grateful thanks to Grey Matters who invited us on to their show, and digital Radio Reverb for broadcasting this interview.

15/05/2017 silvermagazine

The lines between work and retirement have never been so blurred, and these days, age and experience are no barrier to launching a new business – in fact, quite the opposite. David Mellor, 63, explains… Contrary to previous viewpoints, these days, age and experience is becoming more widely recognized as an advantage when starting a new enterprise. I started my first business at the age of 47 and have spent the last 15 years helping would-be entrepreneurs to start theirs. The UK is experiencing a boom in self-employment with more and more of us choosing to be our own boss….