Midlife Coming of Age

Mature happiness. Carefree woman with dreadlocks standing with her eyes closed and her arms outstretched. Cheerful middle-aged woman wearing a denim jacket and make-up in a studio.

There’s no rule book for life, and absolutely no instructions for your midlife…

Our editorial explores the important issues and challenges that your Midlife Coming of Age is shaped by. It’s a time of change. We have delved – a LOT – into what makes you tick. Who you are. We have conducted extensive research to find out all about your lives. And we know that your middlescence – the bit between about 45 and 65 – can be a minefield.

But what exactly do we mean by your Midlife Coming of Age?

For most transitional times in our lives, we have milestones. Rituals. Whether it’s a christening, bar or bat mitzvah, a 16th, 18th or 21st birthday celebration, the first drink in a pub, passing a driving test, graduating, being old enough to vote, weddings, births and more christenings, whatever… your early life is absolutely packed with milestone celebrations.

And then as we prepare for the latter part of our lives, there is structure and planning again, more rituals. Writing a will, deciding on care plans, equity release, pensions, funerals… you get the picture.

And then somehow, somewhere in the middle of all this, is your midlife.

A HUGE zone with very little ritual to mark the good times, or the bad. Maybe a ‘big’ birthday. A divorce party? ‘Paying off your mortgage’ celebration? It’s not quite the same, is it?

And yet your midlife is arguably the most important, challenging, and interesting time of your life.

We’d like to help you celebrate your midlife

Research is clear. There’s a thing called the U-shaped curve of happiness, which puts life-strife misery at its worst around age 44. And, obviously this is taking an average across the board, but generally, happiness improves after that.

But it’s not before you deal with a lot of stuff. And this stuff includes losing older family members, empty nests, menopause, facing ageism, increased illness and physical health, changing friendships, feeling redundant, questioning your career or worklife… there’s a lot.

Not only that, we’re facing our own internal ageism and accepting our youth is past us. We have more time behind us than in front. Finding our feet in the middle of all this, and trying to rediscover who we are, is a challenge.

Sound familiar?

But we’re here to bring you (largely) positive news

Because your midlife is also a time of metamorphosis. And what we CAN tell you from our research is that as we age, we become a lot more upbeat, and a lot more settled into who we are.

We are more likely to speak our mind, to not sweat the small stuff, or waste time on negativity. We explore more, have more time for ourselves. We are kinder. And slowly, working through everything that life throws at us, we begin to embrace the person we should always have been. It’s all about finding ourselves again.

We spend the first half of our lives fitting into the world. The second half of your life is about creating a world that fits around you, and what you want. And we’re here to recognise and champion this.

It used – perhaps unkindly – to be called a midlife crisis. And to be sure, there are crises aplenty. And we’re not here to suggest that we have rituals to mark the events that litter our midlife years. But we CAN share that with you. Bring you content that hopefully demonstrates a level of understanding and identification. And in doing so, ensure you don’t feel alone through this time.

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