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Everyone’s inbox is overflowing, but you’ve only got one letterbox. As digital delivery overwhelms, increasingly people return to the traditional, and want to hold something beautiful, and real, without flashing ads and mental jumble.

This is the choice being made by increasing numbers of discerning readers. Particularly during the pandemic.


The pandemic has seen free distribution magazines banned, and newsstand sales hit. Magazines across all sectors which have relied on retail sale or free points of pickup have realised that subscriptions are the way forward.

Silver has been ahead of this for ages. Our model has always been to deliver the magazines, directly to our discerning, high end readers, to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.

NOW is the time to get involved in print. Even with a vaccine being deployed, it will be a long time before things go back to ‘normal’. Do you want to get into people’s hands? Subscriptions guarantee this.


As an advertiser, that’s a lovely long shelf life, isn’t it. Particularly if you combine print advertising with an online campaign to stretch.

We wanted to revive the feeling of having a high quality read, something that would last, and give readers a reason to keep dipping back in. Aside from our goal to treat our readers with the respect they deserve, and not like old farts, we want to bring back some lost traditions. Short stories, for example. A magazine that is packed with more than just celebrity articles, and recipes. Read more about our goals here.


Do we really need to talk about this? Alright then.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The content in the magazine differs from Silver Online – print readers get something extra special.[/perfectpullquote]

Print is real, tangible. A mark of quality, something to touch and feel. Something to share in the real sense, not a link to be sent. And quality print delivers a sense of trust. Silver Magazine is a supersized perfect bound quarterly that thuds through the door and makes the receiver feel special. The content in the magazine differs from Silver Online – print readers get something extra special.

People love printed magazines, and they love creativity, and beautiful things. Facebook is rammed with ads for gorgeous stationery, printed photo options, even kits to do lino printing – the truth is, we love print, and we love paper.

And we’re all suffering a bit with digital overload, aren’t we? The weight of the inbox? How lovely to get something delightful through the real post for a change. Here’s a little fact you might be interested to read…

Royal Mail has a waiting list for direct mail printed materials for the first time in decades.


It’s pretty COVID-safe. Paper is one of the least risky substrates for coronavirus survival, with virus survival rates lasting around three hours (compared to up to four days on a smartphone or tablet*).

Added to this is the fully automated printing process with low impact human interaction, and finishing and packing that is executed in a sterile, compliant atmosphere. Take all this into consideration and you can see why the gorgeous magazine that thuds through your letterbox is pretty safe.


The Spring 2021 issue is in production and we are taking advertising bookings. We work with each advertiser on a bespoke campaign, but you can see our media pack and rates card here. We also have a special ‘New for 2021’ package which may appeal.

Our advertisers understand that generally, a blend of beautifully-designed print advertising for branding and visibility combined with online editorial and a social campaign is the best mix. Talk to us about what you need from your advertising and we’ll tell you how you can get there. Whether it’s lead generation, brand positioning, or product launching.

Please get in touch to discuss your advertising needs. Email us on advertising@samh123.sg-host.com or call us on 01273 257037


* Sources NEJM, Lancet, and Virology Journal. Information may change and update

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