Back to school: can older adults benefit from educational technology?

Older adults can benefit from educational technology - Silver Magazine

Studying may not be your priority at the moment, but recent educational innovations could just change your mind.

Educational technology (EdTech) companies are experiencing a high demand from institutions, educators, and even distressed parents, because it improves the accessibility of education. In an article on FE News, the CEO of Learning People emphasises that EdTech can bridge the global tech skills gap and help people achieve better careers. And from the same post, the UK country manager of Amazon highlights that these innovations support continued learning for individuals, regardless of their backgrounds.

The integration of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and robots may sound like an educational gimmick. However, EdTech has proven its role as a game-changer for young students—and older adults alike.

The transformative effects of technology in education

Say goodbye to textbooks and chalkboards, because education is certainly more advanced now. Online classes and remote learning already seem futuristic for some, but the director of the Knowledge Media Institute (KMI), Prof. John Domingue, stated that educational institutions need to do more than that. To illustrate, KMI has developed personalised AI technology that serves as a chatbot, career coach, and teaching assistant so that educators can make specialised content for their own field of study. Through this personalised EdTech tool, lecturers can go beyond lecture recording and provide a more in-depth learning experience for their students.

Meanwhile, the Oxford Saïd Business School developed an immersive virtual classroom that supports around 84 students from different parts of the world. The in-room cameras bridge physical barriers since lecturers and students can interact with each other in real-time.

Aside from breaking down physical barriers, EdTech can also serve as a solution in supporting skills development. NewGlobe has made it possible to transform educational outcomes at speed and at scale by providing technology-enabled educational systems. By assessing student data, they were able to double numeracy rates and accelerate reading fluency in various countries.

How can older adults benefit from EdTech?

EdTech may be effective in providing specialised content, bridging physical barriers, and speeding up skill development. But here’s the thing: are they just as beneficial for older adults?

The good news is that older adults will find it easier to pursue lifelong learning through EdTech. The Oxford Institute of Population Ageing discovered that more investors and companies are creating EdTech programmes to eliminate barriers that people face in adult education. The research institute pointed out that virtual reality, interactive interfaces, voice assistants, and other technologies make it possible to conduct experiential learning for older adults. These innovations allow you to study at your own pace and interact with educators and classmates, wherever you want. On top of that, you can even learn and play through EdTech tools integrated with gaming features.

These EdTech innovations are more important than ever, considering that more jobs, such as IT and HR, will require upskilling. Our article on Beating the Ageism Game demonstrates that showing off relevant technical skills can help you get ahead of the competition and score the jobs that you want. And thanks to EdTech, you can learn these crucial skills in as fast as ten days.

School is now cool, now that technology has been integrated into education. If you want to keep up with the latest industry trends, check out our articles at Silver Magazine. Our resources will help you learn how to live a fabulous life at any age!


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