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Storm Eunice hasn’t been a picnic for a lot of people today but if there’s one winner it’s got to be Jerry from Big Jet TV.

Never heard of him? No, most people hadn’t until today when Jerry’s Big Jet TV set fire to Twitter. Hundreds of thousands of people were tuned in to the BJTV  (that’s got to be on purpose) live stream, watching massive planes doing their utmost to land at Heathrow in one piece.

In real-life Airplane moments, instead of working, we’ve all watched open-mouthed as big iron birds have literally come into Heathrow sideways, just about making the landing. Or in some cases, not making it and having to start the approach all over again.

Glad we’re not on board

One thing’s for sure, we’d much rather be watching this on YouTube than be sitting on one of the planes.

And the soundtrack to all this is Jerry’s excellent overenthusiasm, and some superb accidental Partridging. “Although this is a lot of fun, don’t forget, it’s all about the pilots,” he yells into the wind at a news reporter. “They’ve got big cahoonas, you know? The ladies, obviously not…”

If there’s one thing that recent social media trends have taught us, it’s that we as a nation love a big engine enthusiast. For trainspotting, see the absolutely enchanting Francis Bourgeois.

Anyway, here’s a link to the Big Jet TV live. Some of the diciest moments are around the middle of the day, but you can slide back and watch the earlier footage.

Warning though – if you’re a bit of a nervous flyer, maybe give this one a miss!

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