Dance: the post-stroke therapy to improve mobility

The story of how one circus performer has started to use her knowledge of dance to help improve mobility after a stroke. KT is artistic director at Copperdollar Performance Company, which has been around since 2008. The organisation now includes a funky little boutique studio for dance and shoots in Brighton. Developing a career from circus performer to someone who creates and produces her own shows, KT has a strong performance background. But recently she’s been using her physiological know-how and dance experience for a very different purpose. WORKING TO SUPPORT POST-STROKE MOVEMENT KT’s close friend Hanka had a stroke back in 2015. And KT has been using her knowledge of dance and movement to improve Hanka’s mobility and movement. I asked her how that looks, and how she’s incorporating dance into this therapy. “I studied on a foundation dance course many years ago,” says KT, “but opportunities were limited when exploring your own styles back then. “My work has always involved movement of one kind or another since I studied dance at 18 or 19. I had a passion for trying out as many different movement forms as possible, as I never wanted to be stylised. “I have explored … Continue reading Dance: the post-stroke therapy to improve mobility