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Soccer has paved the way to become what it is today; the king of sports, due to the vast number of fans worldwide who follow their teams in each of their games

It is a sport that moves crowds from all over the world and brings cultures together. There is so much market penetration that there are people who are fans of teams from countries other than their own. They buy all the clothing, meet with family and friends and go to the games to defend their team. It’s a phenomenon, and one that Africa is enjoying.

The African continent has not been left out of this expansion. Soccer in Africa has evolved enormously since Nigeria won a Gold at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. This caused a large number of players from that continent to be present in the teams and leagues in France and England, in addition to being selected as hosts of the 2010 World Cup.

Thanks to this development, the betting market in Africa has also increased, with people moving from betting on their favorite teams informally to using bookmakers located in different cities in Africa or online.

One of the most recognized online bookmakers in Africa is Bet9ja, which is based in Nigeria. It offers the opportunity to bet live in a secure and reliable way while watching soccer or playing any virtual game.

Bet9ja’s betting market is one of the widest ones, as you can bet on the most popular events, but also on the less known ones in the different disciplines (soccer, tennis, basketball, football, rugby, volleyball, ice hockey, boxing, cricket, golf, MMa, water polo, etc.)

In the soccer area, bets can be placed at an international and national level. Among the options offered are the soccer leagues of England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Belgium, Australia, Turkey, Greece, Iran, Israel, Egypt, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, among others.


It is advisable that before placing any bet, either at Bet9ja or any other bookmaker, you analyze all the probabilities of each soccer game you want to bet on. To do so, you can make use of expert opinions, statistical data analysis and predictive platforms.

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