Make money out of thin air – 12 work-free ways to boost your bank balance

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Some of the biggest businesses in the world have no assets and no staff; like Uber, Deliveroo or Airbnb. But you don’t have to be a global name to take the same approach and make some money…

The gig economy is booming. You don’t need to be running a business, you don’t even need to be working, but here’s a few ideas to boost your bank balance. It could mean the difference between a trip to the Sychelles, or a fortnight in Scarborough this summer!

1 Rent out your parking space

How to rent out your Driveway 2 Silver Magazine

Did you know that if you have a driveway that you don’t use, someone will pay you money to park their car on it? Yes, it’s that simple. The free-to-download app Kerb, which describes itself as ‘the Airbnb of parking spaces’, is a great way to start making money from something you aren’t using.

This is a fantastic idea if you live close to a train station or a concert venue. However, do make sure you have secure locks on your windows and doors as there will be strangers coming and going.

It’s also best to let your home insurance company know that you are using this service as it may affect your insurance premiums.

2 Share that holiday home

How to rent out Your Holiday Home Silver Magazine

As we’ve just mentioned AirBnB, it’s a good chance to remind you how beneficial the business can be. Obviously it’s great for empty rooms or houses, but don’t forget your holiday homes too.

It can be quite daunting having someone you don’t know staying in your property, but don’t fret, Airbnb has a claim policy which allows hosts to claim for damage caused within your property, should anything happen. You’ll need to have someone trustworthy local to the property to work with you on this, so you have someone to check your guests in and out and make sure the house is maintained.

3 Make the most of your attic

How to Rent Out Your Storage Space Silver Magazine

This is another great way to make money from things that you just don’t use. There are websites such as Storemates, which allow users to hire out their spare space and connect with those searching for a place to store their goods.

Storemates also has a protection guarantee (see here for more details: Storemates Storage Security). If you don’t want to pay the website fees, you can advertise your space on social media such as Facebook, however do keep in mind that this is then at your own risk. Look into insurance maybe?

4 Turn your tools into cash

How to Rent Out Your Tools Silver Magazine

We know that often your tools are too precious to even let your kids use them, but if you’re one of those people who is happy to share, why not let someone pay you to use them?

This can be easily advertised on local Facebook pages – “box of garden tools, gaining dust, available to rent”. Of course, like with renting anything off of social media, you do need to have some faith in humanity, and believe that those tools will be returned in the same condition that they left you in. A great way to ensure this, is by taking a deposit.

5 Sell your old clothing

Ways to Sell Your Old Clothing Silver Magazine

Ah, the classic. Selling your unwanted clothing is one of the best ways to earn some easy money. Not only do you get to have a clear out – or at the very least, make more space for NEW clothes – you also get to make money from doing it!

It doesn’t have to be Ebay. Try apps such as Depop, Shpock and Facebook Marketplace. All you have to do is decide which items you wish to sell, snap some pictures, pick a price point and upload it to the platform. It’s quick and easy and a great way to make some extra cash.

6 Rent your spare room

How to Rent Your Spare Room Silver Magazine

We don’t need to tell you about Airbnb of course, but there are more ways of using your spare space than just having B&B guests.

There are plenty of exchange students and lodgers looking for a room to stay in and that room could be yours, so check with your local language schools and colleges. The Government has a Rent-A-Room Scheme which allows household owners to earn up to £7,500 a year by taking in a lodger. There are many websites which allow you to advertise your spare room, so you should find someone in no time.

7 Use your home as a film set or shoot location

How to Use Your Home As A Film Set Silver Magazine

This is one of the more unusual options, but it is pretty cool. Homes are used in advertisements, TV programmes, films and shoots all the time. Where do these homes come from? People like you! You can register your home to sites such as AmazingSpace or LavishLocations.

If this seems like your thing it can be great fun, but be prepared to have a whole crew of people walking through your home, so maybe warn the neighbours, and be prepared for a bit of chaos and mess!

8 Be the rubbish tip hero

Can I Offer Rubbish Dump Trips Silver Magazine

Got a big car and time on your hands? You could be making yourself useful doing tip runs. Seriously, there are people out there who will pay you to go to the dump. Actually there are people who will pay you to go to IKEA too.

Facebook is brilliant for this. Post in your local pages offering to do the journey for others and people will come flocking over, throwing their money at you and kissing your feet. You are an angel. I don’t know who ‘you’ are, but you are a special breed and we thank you for your service.

9 Complete online surveys

Complete Online Surveys Silver Magazine

Yay, another option which won’t involve needing to leave the sofa, perfect. This is pretty self-explanatory. There are companies that will pay you to complete online surveys and polls.

There’s a lot of websites that offer this service and finding one that is reliable and worthwhile can be tricky, so make sure you do research before diving in to the surveys.

10 Put an advert of your car

How to Put An Advert On Your Car Silver Magazine

Have you ever seen cars with company stickers on them? Well, chances are the people that drive those cars are getting money from the company.

Websites such as will look at how much you drive and determine how much you could make these advertisers. So, if you rack up some serious mileage on your cars, then this could be a fantastic money-making opportunity for you. Every journey without it is lost money, don’t wait around!

11 Become a retirement coach

How to Become A Retirement Coach Silver Magazine

You’ve worked hard for years, you have more knowledge in your field than most, so why not share your knowledge to help others? Take your experience and put it into a paid service.

The best way to do this is to build a social media account or personal website where you can showcase your years of work and highlight your skills. Then, post about your services on social media.

12 Open up your own online shop

How to Open Your Own Online Shop Silver Magazine

Selling hand-made goods online has become very popular in recent years. If you enjoy making things such as knitting, woodcarving or making jewellery, you can start up your own online shop.

Websites such as Etsy are a great way to start your own business. It’s a well-known platform for hand-made items and it is really easy to get started. You can also share links to your shop online with friends and family, which makes gaining an audience simple and easy.

So now you’re all set, you have to know-how on making some quick and easy money. Rent out things that aren’t being used, sell items which aren’t being worn, do some chores for people and stick an ad on your car and you’ll be rolling in it in no time.

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