Food company launches retro sweets on barbecue meats and we are not sure…

Parma violets on pork steaks story on Silver Magazine

Popping candy beef burgers, Parma Violet pork steaks and Rainbow Drops chicken breasts could all be on your barbie this summer.

Online food seller Musclefood has created something with a bit of a twist to liven up our al fresco dining experiences. And yes, it’s exactly what it says on the, er, tin. These are healthy barbecue meats, with one small addition. Old fashioned sweets.

Assistant development chef Josh Briggs says they’ve simply taken some of our most famous retro sweets… and added them to barbecue meats for a new summer range. “We’ve definitely pushed the boundaries with these new products,” he says, “by bringing some iconic flavours from our childhood back into the kitchen.

“These are flavours that really do give the meats a new lease of life. The Rainbow Drops add a slight sweetness to the chicken without being too overpowering, whilst the Parma Violets help cut through the slight saltiness of the pork.

“As for the popping candy burgers, they add an interesting edge to your summer with every pop, bang, and crackle.”

Popping candy beefburgers story on Silver Magazine

How does it work?

The pork steaks and chicken breasts are delivered with packets of sweets which you use to coat and marinate the meat before cooking. With the burgers, the popping candy is used to garnish the meat after cooking. You crazy kids.

Everyone here in the Silver office is divided – some of us are excited, others are absolutely horrified

Mixing sweet and savoury isn’t exactly a new idea, although these guys believe this range is the first of its kind. A Musclefood spokesperson pointed out, “The new products in our sweet meat range are the perfect balance of sweet and savoury, combining flavours that probably haven’t worked together before.”

No. We’ve never seen anything like it either.

We found out about these just this morning so we haven’t tried them. But we’re going to. Everyone here in the Silver office is divided – some of us are excited, others are absolutely horrified. There’s no doubt, this is a properly Marmite idea.

What do you think? Would you be willing to try these?!

Each pack is priced between £3.50-£4.00

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