Sartorial elegance for chaps – what to wear to make a real impact

Sartorial advice for chaps by Gustav Temple on Silver Magazine

Chaps! Time to dandy up. Chap Magazine editor Gustav Temple joins forces with Silver to bring you some sartorial picks for well-dressed fellows. Embrace flamboyance, elegance and panache.

In some quarters it is believed that when a person passes the half century, all attempts to be stylish should be abandoned in favour of comfortable, practical, and often beige clothing. This is of course a complete travesty, as proved by these fellows sporting their looks on Instagram.

Show your true colours; purchase that racy pocket square you always fancied but never dared to wear when 25. Wear a selection of hats that replace a bald pate or greying locks with aplomb. Also perfect for you to doff elegantly when the mood takes you.

Get ready for the cooler months

As the seasons pass (and Christmas looms, egad), one must up one’s game in the face of the sartorial peccadilloes about to be unleashed. Yes, I’m talking about those dreary outdoor togs, ‘ironically’ worn snowflake jumpers, and woolly hats with antlers.

A chap approaches all events and occasions spreading awe via a sensational wardrobe. It’s the perfect opportunity to raise your sartorial game a notch or two. Those cherry-red trousers you never find the nerve to wear. That midnight blue dinner jacket with shawl lapels can be livened up with a colourful pocket square instead of the standard white. Yes chaps, unleash the inner dandy, and step forth.

More from Gustav – still looking for new summer togs or going on holiday?


1. A bow tie from La Bowtique
These are hand-made adornments with a touch of flamboyance. Even their standard black tie is slightly larger than average.
From £150 Instagram: @labowtique

Velvet bowtie by Labowtique - Gustav Temple on Silver Magazine

2. A Chap silk pocket square
A must-have to finish any chap’s outfit. This Absinthe-green pure silk pocket square is versatile and can be worn in a number of ways, producing entirely different variations to suit one’s mood.

2 Chap pocket square - Gustav Temple on Silver Magazine

3. Long scarf, autumn is on the horizon
Dress like a duke… accessorise like an anarchist. Furious Goose long scarves keep the cold weather at bay. Autumn Hare design

3 Furious Goose Autumn Hare scarf - Gustav Temple on Silver Magazine

4. Raffish titfer
Launch yourself into the imminent party season by acquiring a brand new hat. Push the boat out with a trilby from Laird London.
Signature in burgundy, £230

4 Laird London Signature tribly in burgundy - Gustav Temple on Silver Magazine

5. Traditional tweeds
If you prefer a tweed cap, Sussex Tweed have opened up the range into bright estate tweeds and racy designs.
Limited edition tweed caps, £95

5 Sussex Tweed cap Limited Edition - Gustav Temple on Silver Magazine

6. Mad dogs and Englishmen…
Finally, be prepared for unexpected visits from maiden aunts. With no time to dress properly, you’ll need a dressing gown that screams Noel Coward.
Constellation dressing gown, £495

6 Geoff Stocker Dressing Gown - Gustav Temple on Silver Magazine


Chap editor Gustav Temple on Silver Magazine

Gustav Temple has been editor of The Chap Magazine – Britain’s longest-serving gentleman’s quarterly – for 20 years. The Chap aims to help men up their sartorial game. ‘Best of The Chap’ is a 300-page collection of the finest features from the last 20 years.

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  1. Stephen Whitters 22/08/2020 at 12:52 pm

    Some years ago I told my then 10,8,7…that they were lucky, ‘They’ had a ‘trendy doody’ daddy’, I’ve always liked to look tidy’and appropriate now not only am I a trendy Doody Grandad…but I’ve another notch on my belt, I’m a great granddaddy to boot.I love clothes,I have far too many clothes for a guy, and I like to co-ordinate my outfits, but for my sins, I spend a lot of my life in shirts and jeans, because it’s my lifestyle choice, I’ve seen this magazine and I feel it is very ‘ niche’ it depicts a lifestyle that is targeted at a higher income group..whilst.I believe any guy can dress like a geezer…or a gent…on a lower I say I’m a trendy doody great grandad….I know…

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