Why now is a great time to start that home renovation project

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As we explored in the article No, 50 Is Not ‘The New 30’, it’s better than that, your 50s may just be the best part of your life. And right now there couldn’t be a better time to get stuck into some home renovations.

Renovating your home will add loads of benefits, as explored below. And as well as this, by 50 you’d hope you’re also potentially now more likely to have the resources to make the things you’ve always wanted come into fruition.

And let’s face it – we might be spending more time at home than ever right now.

There is so much you can do with life, but right now, working on your property is one of the major changes you can make that’ll last you a lifetime. Before you start going on the adventures you’ve always wanted to have, why not focus on something a little closer to home?

It’s never too late to embark on that home renovation project! And here’s why…

Build your dream home

Time for home renovations Silver Magazine www.silvermagazine.co.ukWe often spend our entire lives building towards something — mostly at work, where we toil away in hopes of someday retiring in our dream homes. So why wait? It’s important to seize the day and make the best with what we have now! Why shouldn’t you have your dream home, and have it NOW?

The BBC’s list of dream homes from the last century shows some of the amazing designs people have gone for. The list includes homes from all over the world, so you can broaden your views and grab some design inspiration from all corners of the globe. What’s great about this is you don’t even have to build from scratch – there will be changes you can make as you can just apply renovations to your current home.

Ensuring the longevity of your home

How to renovate your home Silver Magazine www.silvermagazine.co.ukAnother reason to embark on a renovation project is that it can help ensure the longevity of your home. While renovations are done to add new things to your house, many people also take it as an opportunity to repair and fortify their homes at the same time.

This proactive approach will also help you foresee any potential repairs which come with the wear and tear of a home. And while this means getting professionals to work on your home, this also means getting the right coverage for utilities as well.

UK company HomeServe states that home emergency coverage usually includes heating, boilers, drains, pipes, plumbing, and electrics. It’s a good idea to check what you have covered and make sure it’s up to scratch. This becomes especially important once you consider the fact that in the UK 11% of annual household costs go on maintenance and repairs.

Changes for the future

How to renovate your home Silver Magazine www.silvermagazine.co.ukLastly, another great reason to make renovations to your home is to make changes that’ll make your home safer for you – even if you don’t need them right now, it’s a great investment for later on.

The World Health Organisation highlights how falls can be particularly dangerous for us, when we hit our advancing years. So get ahead of the curve, and put those in place now.

This could be anything from installing safety rails in your bathroom, nice wardrobes in your bedroom, or non-slip tiles, to considering what other supports might be needed around the home. The stairs, for example.

We’re Happier after 50 – find out why by reading this article. And happy renovating!


Collaborative post written with our partner Lily Roble, many thanks.

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