Our promise to you

We get it. You’re bombarded with ‘old people’ stuff the minute you start to think about your second life. Even Facebook knows it and starts serving you ads about incontinence pants.

We can’t promise that won’t keep happening, but if you want to escape that and read some decent stuff, Silver is waiting for you.

If you want to know a bit more about the Silver team you can meet some of us here.

But as a magazine both online and in print we promise

Never to patronize you, treat you like old duffers, or imagine you’re stupid.

To do our best to have lively and challenging content.

To bring some amazing competitions and offers to our readers.

To offer more than just a magazine – a chance to join a community, a travel club, get involved.

To stay in touch and listen to what you say.

To make you laugh, and make you think.

To hopefully bring you a few epiphanies, and moments where you realise you’re not the only one feeling like that.

To not be like the others.

And who are you?

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