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Mostly what we know about you is that you’re not done yet. Not by a long shot.

You’re ready for new adventures and you’re not afraid to take risks, launch new escapades. Your time is now.


We know that you don’t feel old, but you are more comfortable in your own skin than you were in your twenties.

We know you like travelling, and that you often fancy backpacking round India just as much as you love five star treatment.

You’re busy and productive – whether that’s at work, volunteering, running the home show, or as a parent, grandparent, or caring adult child.

You’re still learning new things.

You still go to gigs, watch shows, launch new enterprises, exercise, create art, dance til dawn, have those nights out where you regret that last shot… will we never learn?!

You do however make more time for yourself. Well done you.

We know you’re politically engaged, and that time has taught you to say what you think, not hide away.

You’re engaged – sometimes not out of choice – with health and wellbeing, and we know there’s creaks and aches where there didn’t used to be.

You like to look and feel good.

You’re not afraid to try new things – nor do you shy away from paying more for quality. You know that in life, largely, you get what you pay for.

Some of you are dotty about your dogs, cats, horses and other furred and feathered friends. Some of you prefer them to your kids. We know.

You know more about science and technology than you’re letting on.

You’re better at delegating these days.

You’re only just starting some of your adventures.

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