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Samantha Harringon-Lowe Silver Magazine www.silvermagazine.co.ukSam Harrington-Lowe
Silver CEO Sam’s a journalist, editor and publisher, and after taking a look at her ever-rising tide of silver hair and deciding she was damned if she was going to roll over and disappear, she created Silver Magazine. It’s for all those in their 50s, 60s and up who wouldn’t be caught dead reading Saga (sorry Saga – we know you have readers who love you). Silver is full of the stuff Sam wants to read about and she hopes it hits the right notes for other silvers out there too.


Karen Pasquali Jones for Silver Magazine www.silvermagazine.co.ukKaren Pasquali Jones
After creating and editing several award-winning magazines for younger women over the last 19 years, Karen’s decided to act her shoe size not her age as Silver Magazine’s print magazine editor. That means pages of thought-provoking and daring content, wow-I-want-to-look-like-that fashion and beauty inspiration, intelligent and insightful celebrity exclusives and most importantly, plenty of belly laughs. Along with porn star martinis, Karen’s paving the best way to age disgracefully!


Julie Burchill with Silver Magazine www.silvermagazine.co.ukJulie Burchill
If anyone’s glorious writing makes the heart sing and whose insouciance epitomizes the metaphorical two fingered salute we feel ‘traditional ageing’ deserves better, we’d be surprised. Acting as style setter and Grande Dame for our writing team we are thrilled to count Julie as one of the founding team members at Silver. Watch out for some of her pithy craft heading your way.


Joe McGann with Silver Magazine www.silvermagazine.co.ukJoe McGann
Do any of the clever, handsome McGann devils actually need any kind of introduction? We think not. We are thrilled to have Joe as part of the team at Silver and when he’s not busy acting or hanging out with Sting making musicals, Joe’s the official ‘voice of Silver’. Listen out for his dulcet tones coming to you in our podcasts soon.


Ian Lucas with Silver Magazine www.silvermagazine.co.ukIan Lucas
Ian Lucas created a travel business 21 years ago which continues to grow and thrive, and his entrepreneurial instincts keep leading him to new waters. His production company’s feature film ‘Home for Christmas’ was a #1 hit on Amazon Prime in 2017 with over 14m views. An award-winning ‘Entrepreneur of The Year’, Ian’s working some of his magic on the Silver Travel Club. As a man who likes all the good things in life, we couldn’t think of a better person to make this happen!


Julia Maltby with Silver Magazine www.silvermagazine.co.ukJulia Maltby
Keeping us all on the straight and narrow and making the money side work is Julia, whose background in accountancy and finance stretches across several decades. She specializes in clients in the entertainment, events and publishing industries and has some very famous names in her stable. As accounts director we know we’re safe in Julia’s hands, as do our investors and stakeholders. Her surname ought to be Peaceofmind.



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