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Hi, I’m Sam Harrington-Lowe, Silver’s founder

Sam Harrington-Lowe, Founder Silver Magazine www.silvermagazine.co.uk

Sam Harrington-Lowe

In about 2016, heading fast towards 50, I looked at magazines that were aimed at my age group. In particular I was looking for a good magazine for the over 50s.

It was a bit dismal back then, to say the least. I’ve had a wild ride of a life so far, full of adventure, and the magazines I was looking at were focused on knitting, cooking, gardening… I don’t mind those things, but I wasn’t ready to hang up my spurs yet.

I felt there was a huge opportunity being missed, AND I wanted a magazine that I’d enjoy reading and relating to. So being the sort of person I am, and being the sort of person who loves making magazines, I just decided to launch one myself. As you do.

I didn’t get it all right…

Silver Magazine started life as ‘Senior Moments’, which I thought was hilarious. Until people in our focus groups, who were older than me, pointed out that senior moments might sound funny when you’re in your forties or fifties. But if you’re older and actually having senior moments, it was less amusing. Cue skidding to a halt. I knew instantly that I’d got it wrong.

Sifting through a range of suggestions that included Grey Matter, Midlife Crisis, and even Silver Tops, we settled on Silver Magazine. I’ve always been thrilled with the name, and suspect we only managed to bag it because we were ahead of the curve. These days there is ‘silver’ everything.

We have an amazing team, and brilliant writers

I’m very proud of our in-house team, all of whom are absolutely passionate about Silver Magazine, and now also Silver Lifestyle.

We’ve got some brilliant, challenging writers on board too. Bibi Lynch, Chris Sullivan, Joe McGann, Simon Evans, Julie Burchill, Nick Lezard, Flic Everett, Gustav Temple, Paul Burston, Paul Tierney, and many more all write for us.

Things have changed massively since we launched Silver Magazine

The conversation around ageing and ageism has change MASSIVELY in the past five years or more. It’s very exciting. People are embracing their second lives like never before. It’s been a cultural shift the like of which we haven’t really seen since the rise of feminism.

And I’ve watched as other brands moved slowly away from stairlifts and ‘anti-ageing’, and edged towards the age of revolution that Silver embodies. We have always been pro-ageing, and pro-doing what feels right for you. I am both proud to be leading the way, and thrilled to see the cultural shift.

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