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Smart businesses understand the value of our readership

With over 80% of the UK’s disposable income controlled by the over 50s and a combined spend of around £175billion, you’d be insane not to want to reach them. Advertise on Silver Magazine and put your brand exactly where it needs to be.

They’re spending on cars, holidays, gadgets, health and beauty items, leisure and shopping, retail and fashion… if you’re still imagining this age group are just buying coach tours and stair lifts more fool you.

Advertise on Silver Magazine. Our organic reach is profound

Our paid advertising is creative and successful. Reach out to tens of thousands of people online; via our website or newsletters, or perhaps through our frankly astonishing Facebook page. Or our newsletters, direct to people’s inboxes. Perhaps you prefer the traditional quality of glossy, long-lasting print advertising.

The smart money is on a bespoke, tailor made solution that publishes your brand on the RIGHT platform or outlet for you.

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