Why you can trust us at Silver Magazine

Message from the founder, Sam Harrington-Lowe

Samantha Harringon-Lowe Silver Magazine www.silvermagazine.co.ukHi, I’m Sam. I founded Silver Magazine in 2016 because at the time, I felt there wasn’t a relevant magazine out there for people our age. We’re still working to make sure we do the best job we can, and I’m absolutely passionate that we get it right. So I have some things to say about the advertisers and associates we work with, and why you can trust us.

We are empowered to act autonomously, because Silver is an independent publication. We’re not part of a huge group, and this means we get to be really choosy, and nobody else can control that.

Don’t you hate sites that are heaving with ads?

One of the things I always promised was that Silver Online would never be one of those sites absolutely groaning with ads. I hate those sites, where it’s so hard to even read the thing because of pop-ups and flashing things and endless Google ads and – well, you know what I mean, right?

So I’m picky. And my team is picky. We run articles sometimes that talk about products or services, and we do have some lightweight advertising. But we are VERY selective. And if something is recommended on Silver, it’s because we approve of the thing, and we’ve checked it out.

So whether we make a few pennies out of your click, or whether you’re seeing something simply because we’ve decided to feature it, the deal is the same. It’s here because we have checked it out, we like it, and we believe it’s something you might like.

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