4 of the best tour destinations in England

Train driving along raised train tracks amongst dense red, yellow, and green trees. Best tours of England for over 50s

Visiting a new destination is exciting, but how often do you go somewhere and miss things?

Taking a guided tour of a given part of the country avoids the stress and complexity that can often accompany holidaymaking. Not only that, it means your expert guides can ensure you see the best of a place. So what are the best tour destinations in England? 

Certain destinations are naturally suited to this form of holidaymaking. Here are four that we love…


The Tower of London. Best tours England for over 50s

For older travellers, London is a city whose appeal is endless. There’s the famous Tower of London, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, the Natural History Museum, the National Gallery, and Westminster – and that’s just scratching the surface. Cramming all of these experiences into a single trip can often require a tightly-crafted itinerary – or the right guided tour. 

Getting into London via train is easy – with St. Pancras being a popular end destination. 

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Harbour town in Cornwall, beautiful blue waters and boats. Best tours England for over 50s

Cornwall’s geography has helped to shape its culture, which stands apart from that of the wider South of England. There’s a strong connection to Roman history here, and you’ll get a strong sense of that history if you take a stroll along the coastline, examining the various shrines, monuments and miniature museums. Of course, no trip to Cornwall is complete without sampling a pasty or two – seek out the best ones, and don’t neglect the rest of the county’s amazing cuisine.


Cobbled street in Bath. Beautiful old English buildings. Best tours England for over 50s

Just up the road from Cornwall we find Somerset, which is home to a number of unmissable towns and cities. Bath, in particular, is incredibly well-preserved, thanks to its unique planning restrictions. Wells, with its magnificent cathedral and cobblestone-paved streets, benefits from a similar approach. 

If you’d like to get out into nature, then a trip to the famous Cheddar Gorge, and the nearby village of the same name, is sure to appeal. The latter is home to an impressive assortment of quality tearooms. 

Lake District

Stunning view of the Lake District. Raised hills in the distance across the lake. Best tours England on Silver Magazine

For those looking for a picturesque landscape to hike through, the Lake District makes the perfect getaway. There are countless lakeside walks to enjoy, as well as picturesque little villages and soaring hilltops. Plan your trip well, and you’ll be able to cram plenty of walks into your Lake District trip. Or, you could take the leisurely approach and potter around the villages and shops. 

There’s also a distillery, which sits just beside Bassenthwaite Lake, and is open for much of the year. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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