9 ways to host an upmarket Halloween party on a budget

Two people smiling with large, extravagant, red and black hats and black face paint as Halloween costumes

As the autumn leaves fall and a chill lingers in the air, Halloween beckons

Throwing a party for the spooky season but want to steer clear of anything too cheesy? An upmarket and sophisticated Halloween party doesn’t have to break the bank. With a touch of creativity and a dash of charm, you can orchestrate a party they’ll never forget.

1. Invitations with flair

A blank brown envelope on a dark background, with leafy plants on either side

Set the tone for your event with elegantly designed invitations. Go for classic black and gold, or deep, rich hues that evoke an air of mystery. Electronic invitations are not only environmentally friendly but also budget-friendly, meaning you have more to spend on the party itself.

2. Hauntingly chic decor

An arrangement of yellow flowers and miniature pumpkins spilling from a basket with three lit black candles surrounding it

You can easily make your Halloween party upmarket without going overboard on the decs. A great way to do it could be a mono colour scheme with black, gold, and deep reds. Elegant candles in vintage holders and carefully placed pumpkins and turnips can add a touch of sophistication. Think about repurposing items you already have, such as old books and vintage frames, to create eerie table centrepieces. Hit the charity shops for props.

3. Opulent table settings

A long table lined with wine glasses and tall candles. The table is dimly lit

Transform your dining table into a sophisticated masterpiece. Use fine china, glassware, and vintage silverware to wow your guests. Dark, rich linens can lend an air of luxury. Incorporate elements like black and gold place cards for a personalised touch.

4. Haute cuisine

A bowl of blackberries and a laid down bottle of alcohol sit either side of three glasses, each filled with a rich purple blackberry drink

Crafting a high-end menu doesn’t have to be extravagant. Embrace seasonal ingredients, but keep it natural. A charcuterie board with a selection of artisanal cheeses and cured meats can serve as a stylish appetiser. Consider serving a signature cocktail that echoes the theme, such as a blackberry-infused gin concoction, or a blood orange spritzer.

5. Classy costumes

A dark image of a person wearing an extravagent red masquerade mask with a red flower attached

Encourage guests to get involved by ramping up the theme – and therefore their costumes. Think masquerade masks, vintage-inspired attire, or literary characters. Hosting a costume swap among friends before the event can add an element of fun without the expense of buying new outfits.

6. Spooky snaps

A staircase lined with autumnal flowers, berries and pumpkins to be used as a photo backdrop for an upmarket Halloween party

Create a DIY photo booth with a vintage-inspired backdrop and a selection of classy props. This provides entertainment while adding an elegant touch to the event. Include some elegant Halloween props for the shots – and again, the charity shop is your friend. Velvet hats or capes, large picture frames, antique books or mirrors, candles, wigs, or veils would make for fun photos. Get creative!

7. Entertainment

Two skeletons turned to face each other, with the right opening its mouth wide. They are surrounded by fairy lights and halloween decorations

Craft a playlist that blends haunting melodies with classic tunes, and get all your guests to add to it ahead of the party. On the night, host a murder mystery game or a dramatic storytelling. How about a spooky treasure hunt, or pin the broom on the witch!? Or apple bobbing? Lots of ways to offer some fun that won’t break the bank.

8. It’s all about the light – and dark!

Three red candles burning in darkness

Set the mood! Ditch the overhead lights and throw veils and wraps over side lights. The flickering glow of candles can create an enchanting vibe – but maybe make sure open flames are in lanterns or pitched somewhere safe. If you have fairy lights or string lights, weave them through the table centrepieces for an ethereal effect. Just make sure you turn that top light off.

9. Haute party favours

A small bowl of assorted chocolate truffles

Send guests home with elegantly packaged treats. Small boxes of decadent dark chocolates or homemade spiced cookies tied with a red satin ribbon can be the perfect parting gift.

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A classy Halloween soiree doesn’t have to bankrupt you.

A black and white tarot card of The Moon lays with some pumpkins and black roses

Hosting an elegant Halloween party doesn’t have to mean a lavish budget. By focusing on the details, embracing DIY elements, and playing with rich colour schemes, you can create a truly unforgettable event. With a pinch of creativity and sprinkle of elegance, your budget-friendly soirée will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Leaving you free to head back to your coffin for another long sleep at the end of it.

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