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Feel like nothing in your wardrobe pairs well together? You might need to switch to a capsule wardrobe. Read for the top pieces you should consider including

Having a simple capsule wardrobe can make it so much easier for you to choose what to wear. The premise is that by carefully curating outfits when you purchase them, you don’t have to get your head in a tangle about it later. Sometimes, having just a few high-quality, versatile pieces is all you need.

Maybe you’ve accumulated lots of clothes over the years and you want to start from fresh. Here are a few items you could consider to form the basis of your new capsule wardrobe.

Simple t-shirts

T-shirts are the staple of casual wear for many a capsule wardrobe. You’ll probably want a combination of long and short-sleeved t-shirts, just to keep all your bases covered. Pick a few neutral shades, and perhaps a colour or two as well. 

Think about the fabric you’re picking. Cotton t-shirts are a nice, soft breathable material. For something more sustainable, look out for organic cotton. 

However, cotton is often easier to shrink in the wash, and the colours may fade. If you’d rather avoid this possibility altogether, look for polyester or a polyester-cotton blend. 

Stylish trousers

Two or three pairs of thoughtfully chosen trousers could also form an important part of your selection. Choose black, grey, camel, or cream if you want to maximise the number of tops you can pair them with. 

Remember that wide-leg trousers generally look best with fitted tops, while skinny or slim-fit trousers can work with either fitted or loose-fitting tops. 

Loose-fitting clothing such as linen trousers are comfy and still perfect for warm summer days. With these, you can easily dress your outfit up or down for the day’s activity.

Many women find high-waisted trousers create a flattering impression. For a woman who is on the shorter side, they give the illusion of longer legs and, thus additional height.

Comfortable dresses

Depending on your style, you may want to stock your capsule closet with a few comfy dresses. The best kind are the ones you can dress up or dress down and adapt to all weather.

A relaxed midi dress can fare well in both summer and autumn. Choose something with loose sleeves to give you that comfort and freedom of movement. 

A smart shirt dress with a belt can often function as office wear or weekend wear.

When dress shopping for a capsule wardrobe ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Will smart shoes and casual shoes alike look good with this?
  2. Will it work well either on its own or with a jacket?

If the answer to both questions is yes, you’ve got yourself an all-season, multi-purpose dress that’s worth sticking in your basket. 

Outdoor clothes

This is the UK, let’s face it. Not having to reach for layers when stepping out is a luxury reserved for a select part of summer. So, you’ll want one very solid winter coat in your capsule wardrobe, as well as another light jacket for milder weather.

The trench coat never goes out of style and it looks great with a pair of heeled boots.

A pair of classic white shoes (maybe some simple trainers) can also go with most outfits, from summer dresses to trousers and shorts.

Consider shoe purchases carefully and aim to try them on first, if possible. Good foot support and bunion prevention are non-negotiable. 

Finally, complete your edit with a pair of quality slippers and garden shoes. 

Finding out what flatters your body type and then streamlining your wardrobe accordingly can be a fun way to get organised. Ultimately though, don’t lose sight of what you’re comfortable and happy wearing.

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