Everything you need to know about getting a boat in retirement

For many people who are approaching their retirement, the thought of getting a boat on which to spend long summer evenings with loved ones sounds like heaven.

But how feasible would this actually be? This article will break down everything you need to know about getting a boat in retirement.

What are the benefits?

Retirement brings with it the opportunity to break away from the mundanity of normal life. And embark on that adventure you have always dreamed of.

It’s also the perfect time to think about downsizing ¬– or selling up completely – and getting a boat for the slow-paced, tranquil life. You’ll have the freedom to explore this beautiful country at your leisure. Away from the hustle and bustle of busy towns and cities.

Finding the right type of boat for you

Depending on your circumstances and preferences, there are several different types of boat to choose from. Along with the price, be sure to consider the vessel’s size, maintenance costs and how it runs.

Below are some of the most popular options for the perfect floating home:

• Narrowboat: Narrowboats provide the perfect solution for retirees looking to spend their time on the many canals and rivers that weave through the UK. Many people create an intimate outdoor seating area above the hull to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee.

• Sailboats: Classic sailboats give you the freedom to venture out on the seas for an exciting adventure. Some smaller ones may not come with all the amenities you require, though, so consider something larger if you plan to spend the majority of your time on board.

• Trawlers: These boats are designed to cope with long-distance journeys and are perfectly suited for retirees looking to live on the water full-time. They are spacious, which means many can fit in full-size amenities such as bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces. Their size is reflected in the price, which is considerably more than a smaller sailboat.

• Yachts: An option for those who have a larger budget, a yacht will provide you with the most luxurious experience. They are well equipped with state-of-the-art technology and lavish fixtures and fittings. Offering you the closest experience to having a floating home.

Buying a boat

You can buy a new boat in a range of places. Many people buy them used, and there are online marketplaces and platforms where you can check out your options and plan a trip to see the vessel in person. Make sure you carefully check the condition it is in matches the description and confirm all the necessary paperwork is in place before buying.

Insurance and licenses

The type of vessel you choose will influence what sort of boat insurance is suitable, so take the time to consider your options carefully. You will need to attain official documentation, licenses and experience to be able to sail. So, getting some qualifications beforehand would be ideal.

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