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UK staycations still remain popular. We explore the appeal of staying closer to home than venturing abroad…

A few days ago, the World Health Organisation declared that covid-19 no longer a global health emergency. However, despite there to be less of a safety need for staycations now, their popularity in the UK still rises. 

A study by YouGov found that when looking into 2023 travel, more than half of UK participants asked were planning to have a domestic trip this year.

The cost-of-living crisis may be an influence on this. Taking a staycation cuts out the cost of flights abroad. As airlines recoup profits lost over the pandemic with higher prices, holidays abroad become very expensive for many.

Encouraging people to stay within the UK will also provide a must-needed boost to the UK economy. 

So, other than affordability, why are people choosing a staycation over a holiday abroad?

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Why are staycations still so popular?

There are many reasons why staycations are so popular, with travel options being one of them. It is much easier and often cheaper to book train tickets in advance, and utilising public transport allows everyone to enjoy the relaxation of travel rather than someone being the designated driver. 

Another reason is the length it takes to travel. For most people, the time it takes to travel anywhere in the country is less than it would take to travel abroad. 

This allows you to maximise your holiday time. Going abroad can mean whole days are taken up travelling and arriving in the middle of the night. 

The UK remains popular 

The UK benefits from being comprised of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. There is a huge variety of landscape and culture to explore around the nation. 

Whether hiking holidays across mountains or valleys are your thing, or coastal visits with quaint villages appeal to you, the UK can cater for many holiday types.

Going south towards Cornwall provides stunning beaches, which on some days can even be mistaken for a tropical country. Similarly, Scotland has its share of breathtakingly stunning shores. 

Sunset on sandy Durdle door beach, Dorset, England.

Durdle Door beach, Dorset, England. Photo: Daniel Howe (via Pexels)

We all know the UK has an extensive history, and the abundance of museums and galleries is evidence of that. Wherever you decide to explore, you’ll be able to find out something new about the local history and art.

Are Brits ditching the sun and sea for somewhere closer to home?

Despite a rise in Brits staying closer to home, holidaying abroad is still the most popular choice. In 2021 61% of people were planning to go abroad within the next year according to ABTA. 

When it comes to holidaying abroad, some destinations are firm favourites. Spain remains a strong favourite for holidaymakers, with visitors being attracted by the weather, the beaches and the food. Roughly 18 million people visit each year, with places such as the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands most popular.  

The United States remains a common destination for Brits, with an estimated 5 million people visiting every year. Orlando in particular is a huge draw, with families travelling for the theme parks and family-friendly activities. 

Holidaying abroad is still as popular as ever, but the demand for staycation experiences has grown over the past few years. Since the pandemic and lockdowns more and more people have been discovering just how much the UK has to offer. 

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