19/05/2017 silvermagazine 1Comment

A lovely little film here for all you green-fingered enthusiasts. If you’ve given consideration and space to growing edibles, this video will be fascinating, as garden goddess Maggie from Jeremy’s Restaurant in Sussex talks about how she makes the most of her space, ready for the chefs to make the most of her garden… https://youtu.be/MR1vyZyMrVg

14/04/2017 silvermagazine

Whatever Easter means to you, whether you’re religious or otherwise, there’s several benefits for everyone. This could be anything from a spiritual time for reflection and fasting to a time to enjoy a couple of bank holidays and some time off work – we’re not here to comment on what Easter means to anyone! But what we ARE here to do is look at the Afternoon Tea Hot Cross Bun– which is a THING! Pairing two of our favourite eating experiences – hot cross buns and afternoon tea – photographer Graham Franks has been preparing for his annual celebration; the…