7 alcohol free bars around the UK for a fun sober social

Image taken inside YADA Collective bar, where a group of people are sat around a dimly lit table with a performer behind them on their left.

Looking to socialise without the morning hangover? Why not try one of these low or no alcohol bars…

We all know that bars make for a great night out. The cheery atmosphere, the games, the people – not to mention the delicious food. And, one might say, the booze. But maybe it would be great to have a good time without the migraine. Or maybe you just don’t drink. We’ve compiled a little round-up of low and completely alcohol free bars in the UK that make booze-free drinks the star of the show.

Torstigbar, Brighton

Examples of cocktails available at Torstigbar. Image shows an array of yellow, orange and pink fruity cocktails decorated simply with fruits and leaves, all on a simple green backdrop.This Brighton-based low alcohol bar is the perfect spot for a night out. At Torstigbar, alcohol free drinks aren’t just an afterthought – they’re the main event. With unique flavour combinations and mood-altering cocktails, you’ll be buzzing with excitement from the first sip.
Through colourful Nordic-inspired décor and brilliant music, the atmosphere of Torstigbar more than makes up for the pricey drinks. £8 for a non-alcoholic cocktail feels a bit stiff. Plus, they do giveaways on their Instagram for free drinks and pizzas, as well as parties, socials, and other events.

Featured Item: Ringkobing – A blend of Lyre’s Amaretti and Botivo, fresh orange, lemon, aquafaba and agave, all served with a fresh orange slice.
Wheelchair access: Yes
Kid friendly: Under 18s are allowed in if accompanied by an adult – but they’ll obviously only get soft drinks. The cocktails may be low alcohol but they’re not for kids.
Dog friendly: Yes


Café Sobar, Nottingham

View from the stage of Cafe Sobar, a no alcohol bar. A microphone is in the foreground with the background showing a number of patrons sat around tables in a blue-lit space.

Founded in Nottingham by Double Impact, this no alcohol bar/café hybrid aims to support those recovering from addiction. Café Sobar offers more than a safe space – it offers community, support, and even employment to those who have suffered.
And that’s not all. With its chilled-out atmosphere, lovely staff and incredible food, you’ll feel right at home here. There’s even a gallery showcase for local artists to show off their work.
The food can be pricey, but all profits go to charity, so you can buy a little extra guilt-free. It’s all going to a good cause.

Featured Item: Full breakfast stack – only £7.55 for a huge portion of delicious full English breakfast.
Wheelchair access: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Dog friendly: Yes – dogs are even offered a free sausage!

Café Sobar

YADA Collective – Derby

An example of YADA Collective's no alcohol cocktails. A multicoloured cocktail, blue on top, then a yellow to red gradient beneath, topped with a lemon slice and a cherry. Beside the glass are two bottles of alcohol and a second lemon slice.

Aiming to reimagine Derby nightlife, YADA prides itself in being a friendly and authentic community space that is 100% alcohol free. They strive to bridge social gaps and bring people together – without alcohol.
And with such a warm atmosphere and rustic aesthetic, it does exactly that. YADA welcomes creatives and disruptors of the norm to express themselves in a place where they can truly feel at home.
With such a strong community, relaxed vibe and not to mention cheap drinks, what’s not to love?

Featured Item: Tequila Sunrise – Mockingbird tequila, orange juice, lime and grenadine, unmixed to preserve the beautiful layers of colour, then topped with a slice of lime.
Wheelchair access: No
Kid friendly: No
Dog friendly: Yes

YADA Collective

The Brink, Liverpool

Inside of The Brink. There are wooden tables with benches and white and blue chairs surrounding them; a simple bar at the back with a chalkboard-looking sign that is obscured by leaves. It reads "The Brink. What we make makes us". Steel beams and green plants cover the ceiling.

You shouldn’t have to give up on bars just because you don’t fancy a drink. The Brink understands that the bar experience is about more than just drinking, and offers an entertaining, alcohol free space focused particularly on those in addiction recovery.
The Brink has a seriously cool venue, with industrial pipes and beams surrounded by greenery for an awesome eco-industrial vibe. Combined with live music and incredible food and drink menus – which are surprisingly cheap – The Brink really has it all.

Featured Item: Brink Burger – handmade steak patty topped with cheddar cheese and a stunning homemade onion relish, with salad, fries and red salt on the side.
Wheelchair access: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Dog friendly: Yes

The Brink

Mr Fitzpatrick’s Temperance Bar, Rawtenstall

Inside of Mr Fitzpatrick's Temperance Bar, showing a drink from their menu. A mason jar glass filled with a thick lemon milkshake, topped with whipped cream and a Party Ring with a striped red and white straw through it. There are two bottles of lemon, yuzu and tumeric cordial beside it, both branded as Mr Fitzpatrick's.

If you assume “alcohol free” means spending a fortune on flavoured water, you wouldn’t be alone. But at this Rawtenstall temperance bar, you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.
Having been a dry bar since the 1890s, you can trust that Mr Fitzpatrick’s knows how to make delicious non-alcoholic drinks that leave the usual bland bar concoctions in the dust. And it’s not just the drinks. Mr Fitzpatrick’s extensive desserts menu is sure to tempt even the most frugal customers. And with such surprisingly cheap prices, who wouldn’t be?

Featured Item: Jammie Bugger – Decadent blood tonic milkshake topped with a fresh, hot waffle, raspberry ripple ice cream, raspberry sauce, Jammie Dodgers and white chocolate Jazzles.
Wheelchair access: Yes, but it may be a tight fit.
Kid friendly: Yes
Dog friendly: Yes

Mr Fitzpatrick’s Temperance Bar

George Street Social, Newcastle upon Tyne

Inside of George Street Social, a no alcohol bar. Simple brown sofas facing each other beside a wall with a backwards sign that reads "UNITY CAFE". The sofas are on a platform with other tables visible to the right.

Run by the Road to Recovery Trust, George Street Social is more than just a dry bar. This no alcohol bar has a strong emphasis on mental health and wellbeing, especially for those recovering from addiction.
But it’s not just a recovery space either – George Street Social provides a lively atmosphere as an exciting events venue. With live music, mouth-watering cakes and inviting staff, this bar offers a wonderful sober space for any event or social. And it’s spectacularly cheap, which is always a bonus.

Featured item: While the drinks are obviously amazing, what really stands out at George Street Social is their huge variety of freshly made cakes. One for the sweet tooths. Teeth?
Wheelchair access: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Dog friendly: Yes

George Street Social

Dry Dock Pub, Weymouth

Inside of Dry Dock Pub, a no alcohol bar. Two groups of people sitting around small round tables, with a book case, a sign reading "BOOK CORNER" and a large window.

Looking for the full pub experience, but without the alcohol? Look no further than Weymouth’s own Dry Dock Pub. Its emphasis on creating an authentic pub experience while bringing the community together promises a cheerful and vibrant atmosphere.
Dry Dock Pub boasts a huge array of entertainment, including a vintage jukebox, pool, darts, and retro arcade games – and it’s all free! They’re always on the lookout for the next big artists for their art gallery, live music and comedy nights.

Featured Item: Dry Dock Pub has an exciting new drinks menu coming soon, so keep an eye out on their website for some fresh new flavours.
Wheelchair access: Yes
Kid friendly: No
Dog friendly: Yes

Dry Dock Pub


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