Readers’ best unusual sandwich recipes: The results are in

Image showing an open sandwich with chicken and mayo on one slice and avocado and mango chutney on the other.

Readers hit us with their weirdest best sandwich recipes for us to try. We gamely rose to the occasion…

We wanted to find out what some of you had as sandwiches that were a bit out of the ordinary. So we asked in the Silver Lifestyle group. And we were not disappointed. There are a few of your best unusual sandwich recipes – as made by some of the hapless team at Silver. And what we thought of them.

Perhaps the maddest was cold gravy and cucumber. Actually there’s no ‘perhaps’ about it. But Aiden gave it a crack, see below. Before we look at the mad ones we actually tried, here are some that we didn’t.

  • Esta’s truffled Brie with caramelised onion jam, in an olive ciabatta roll.
  • Anji’s cheese, crunchy peanut butter, and chilli jam. She says, “Sounds so wrong, tastes so good!”
  • Becky’s tuna, mayonnaise, capers, and green olives.
  • Hilary’s very specific cheese Ploughman’s: cheddar so old it’s got crystals in, malty granary bread, English mustard, thick slices of flavourful tomato, and a red oak leaf lettuce leaf.
  • Diane’s pesto, fresh mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, and basil in ciabatta.
  • And Nancie’s advice, which is to always fry your tomatoes. “They add so much more flavour when they are cooked. I like mine burnt!”

You crazy kids.

Roast chicken, mayonnaise, avocado, and mango chutney – Sam made it

Shows sandwich from cut side displaying innards.

Chicken, mayo, avocado and mango chutney

Whose idea was this?
Ruth Ratner.

What was it like?
Better than I was expecting. When I saw mayonnaise and mango chutney in the same sandwich I thought it would be a bit sickly. For that reason I didn’t add any butter to the bread, but actually it wasn’t sickly at all. Not for fans of meat and fruit, obviously. But I like it – the sweet mango was good with the chicken, and the avo gave it some more substance. It’s a filling ‘wich.

Would you eat it again?
Probably, if I had the things kicking around. I think I’d be inclined to add some chilli flakes to give it a bit of a kick if I was going to make it again. But that’s because I’m a chilli addict. I can’t help myself.

What’s your own fave sarnie?
That’s almost impossible to say, because sandwiches rule. I do love cold meat sandwiches though – cold beef with cold butter, horseradish, salt crystals, and rocket is magic.

Cold gravy and cucumber – Aiden made it

Plate showing all the ingredients for the sandwich, including a pot of gravy, cucumber sticks and a roll

Cold gravy and cucumber. Yes really

Whose idea was this?
Ruth Ratner’s again, but we had to do it. She says, “As a teenager there was always a jug of my grandma’s epic gravy in the fridge that was so gelatinous you could pretty much slice it. But never much in the way of ‘snack’ food in the house. So I’d come home pissed with munchies and work with what I’d got. Thick white sliced, mashed up gravy, and thin slices of cucumber. Honestly it was delicious!”

What was it like?
I used chicken gravy and ciabatta bread. The gravy seeped out pretty quickly into the bread making it a bit of a mess to eat. But the cucumber doesn’t go soggy from gravy, and is stronger in taste, so it’s more like eating gravy with a crunch? Which is oddly enjoyable. The bread is the worst part, strangely. I also just dipped cucumber in the leftover gravy to see if that was better and it definitely was… no soggy bread mess!

Would you eat it again?
I would eat it again, but maybe not as a first choice. And maybe with harder bread.

What’s your own fave sarnie?
Cheese, tomato and pesto is a classic. You can easily make it fancier too with different cheeses or dried tomatoes. My housemate ate one beside me as I ate my gravy and cucumber one!

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Goat’s cheese, artichoke, and olive tapenade on a sourdough baguette – Lili made it

Shows a sliced open sandwich from the side, displaying the contents. Goat's cheese, olive tapenade and artichoke on thick bread

Goat’s cheese, olive tapenade and artichoke

Whose idea was this?
Flic Everett.

What was it like?
It was odd… it wasn’t totally weird, all the flavours combined pretty well but it definitely wasn’t for me. The best bit was the goat’s cheese because I went to town and bought my favourite local goat’s cheese. Super soft and super creamy.

Would you eat it again?
I probably wouldn’t eat it again, unless I was super hungry or someone I felt I had to be polite to offered it to me. I don’t really like artichokes.

What’s your own fave sarnie?
My own favourite sarnie has got to be halloumi, sweet chilli jam, leafy greens, and tomato slices in ciabatta.

Smoked salmon, cucumber, lemon mayonnaise, white pepper, green leaves – Lana made it

Image shows a collection of three images showing different aspects of the sandwich containing smoked salmon. On brown bread

Smoked salmon, cucumber, lemon mayo, white pepper

Whose idea was this?
Suzanne Heaven.

What was it like?
It was tasty, the lemon mayo was nice and fresh with the rich salmon. I made my own lemon mayo: just mixed a bit of mayo with fresh lemon juice. I actually found the white pepper made the sandwich a bit gritty when chewing and didn’t add much flavour so would definitely make it again but without the white pepper.

Would you eat it again?
Yes, but without the pepper!

What’s your own fave sarnie?
I’m actually not a big sandwich eater in general. But if I’m going to have a sandwich it’d probably be a flavoured chicken (BBQ or tikka) with lettuce.

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