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Older, maybe wiser, and sadly without Samantha, the Sex and the City gang are back, in case you hadn’t heard

Don’t worry, no spoilers here. Although if you’re worried about spoilers, stay off Twitter. And Just Like That is trending like crazy. We can tell you pretty much what happens in all the first episodes already! And let’s just say, people are shook.

We were going to include a few key tweets about the new series but honestly, it’s best left unsaid. Let’s just say that And Just Like That is going to bring you quite the rollercoaster.

We just wanted to let you know how to watch in the UK.


And Just Like That – UK

UK viewers can watch And Just Like That on Sky Comedy at the same time as the US airing – which launched earlier this morning, 8am UK time. You also stream the show via the SkyGo app, which comes with any of Sky’s packages and deals.

Meantime, here’s the official trailer.


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