A guide to hosting a bingo event

Are you looking for something different to do for your next night in with friends?

Consider running a game of bingo to boost the party mood! Make sure it goes without a hitch by following this guide to hosting a bingo event which includes caller tips and decoration and gift ideas.

1. Create a fun atmosphere

No event is complete without over-the-top decorations! Go all out to create a lively and fun atmosphere for your bingo event.

You could have a theme for your evening and use decorations to bring this to life. Why not try to recreate the glitzy luxury of the casino with a red tablecloth, black and gold banners, and giant fluffy dice? Alternatively, go for something silly to encourage your guests to let their hair down!

Background music and finger food are essential as well to complete the party mood.

2. Get the bingo essentials

Don’t forget to get the bingo essentials for your game. You could mimic the traditional bingo hall and hand out paper grids and daubers, or play a group game online via a bingo app from a reputable provider.

3. Hone your hosting skills

As the party planner, you’ll need to run the game and ensure that play stays fair. In advance of the event, take time to hone your hosting skills so that you’re comfortably in command on the day.

First and foremost, make sure that you understand the rules! You’ll need to explain to everyone how to play and make sure that no one is cheating so that the game runs smoothly. The standard 90-ball bingo has two major winners – the first to a row, and the first to a full house.

You could also look up tips on how to be a good bingo caller. Why not attempt the East End London Cockney rhyming slang that has become synonymous with the game?

4. Mix up the games

Especially if you have time for a few rounds, mix up the games to keep up enthusiasm and competitive spirit.
75-ball bingo is a version of the game that’s popular in the USA, where players can complete rows horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. There’s also a super quick 30-ball version.

For something more inventive, consider changing the completion pattern or switching out the numbers for words, songs, or celebrity names.

5. Prepare your prizes

Lastly, don’t forget to prepare your prizes! You can go for gifts commonly awarded at game nights or be more creative and tailor your offering to your friendship group.

Safe bets include scented candles, bath bombs and essential oil diffusers, boxes of chocolates, and film tickets or gift cards. At the other end of the spectrum, you can have a lot of fun with joke presents like comedy keychains and fancy dress items.

As well as rewards for the winners, you could introduce forfeits for the losers! This might include a performance of their favourite karaoke song, or asking them to be a waiter for the night.

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