Why you should consider an escorted tour for your next holiday

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Time to rethink your perception of the guided tour. Want to really know a place? You need experts to, well, guide you…

The world was once a daunting place to navigate. You had to be good at reading a map, adept at overcoming language barriers, and be an expert-level logistical planner. Today, it’s a different story as an ever-increasing number of us set off on adventures, charting new territories in places that once seemed out of reach. An escorted tour holiday is one of the ways people are making their dreams come true.

But what do we mean by ‘escorted tour’?

Before we start

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Charting new territory is also influenced by the ever-expanding choice of escorted tours on the market. An escorted tour, or guided tour, is one of the best and most flexible ways to get to grips with a new country.

With the helping hand of an expert guide, we get to uncover hidden gems and break down all sorts of cultural and language barriers. That is why Travel Department was created over 20 years ago. The company organises tours from Ireland to more than 140 destinations worldwide, with flights, accommodation, transfers, and guided excursions all included. There is an incredible choice of holidays to choose from, making it so much easier to explore the world.

And this is why Silver has chosen to work with them.

Escorted tour holidays Silver Magazine and Travel Department www.silvermagazine.co.uk

Fancy a trip to Venice?

The changing face of escorted tours

an escorted tour can conjure up images of packed, sweaty coaches filled with people that ramble through overcrowded tourist spots with stop-offs in overpriced hotels. But today’s tours are much more sophisticated and diverse

… an escorted tour can conjure up images of packed, sweaty coaches… but today’s tours are much more sophisticated and diverse

Escorted tours aren’t always about ‘doing’. Sometimes they’re as much about relaxing and soaking up local culture too. Culture vultures can enjoy a city break, stay in a carefully selected hotel, and enjoy half-day tours that allow you to get your bearings.

You can immerse yourself in the city, soaking up its history, sampling its cuisine and visiting museums, galleries, and attractions (while bypassing the queues). You’ll enjoy some ‘me-time’. But you’ll also have the benefit of sharing your experience with like-minded people.

Enjoy the benefits without the stress

Escorted tour holidays with Silver Magazine and Travel Department www.silvermagazine.co.uk

Time to adventure off-grid?

With an escorted tour, escape your comfort zone! Embark on a long-haul adventure without the hassle of planning the trip. Attempting to organise a spiritual journey through India, a road-trip through North America, or unpacking the highlights of South America in a two-week trip by yourself could be a costly and logistical nightmare.

An escorted tour, however, will take care of everything. All you have to do is show up. With an escorted tour there’s minimal planning stress and you only need to pay once. You won’t have to pore over foreign train timetables or scroll through hotel comparison websites – your tour operator has already done the hard work for you. They’ll make sure every transfer and check-in go through without a glitch. And if something goes wrong, they will know exactly what to do.

As accommodation, transfers and excursion prices are all included in the main price of the tour, you can also budget more effectively. Tour guides and some meals, along with entrance fees to attractions, are usually included too.

Authentic, insider information

Escorted tours can also give you a more authentic travel experience. Travel Department have spent years perfecting their itineraries with tried and tested research so you can trust them to put together a worthy schedule. We wouldn’t work with them otherwise.

They hire locals, or experts with a wealth of regional knowledge to give you the best and most authentic insider information. They have inspected every hotel, bar, and restaurant. Assessed everything about the area, and thought carefully about the diverse needs of travellers. This attention to detail helps to bring together the very best of each destination, ensuring you don’t waste a moment.

They can steer you towards the best restaurants (that aren’t always in the guidebooks), and quirky side street cafes. And introduce you to the most interesting local characters. That sense of authenticity allows you to get under the skin of a place, and it means that you won’t just come away from your trip with just a few touristy snaps on your phone.

Instead, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for the destination.

Find some time for yourself – or meet new friends

Escorted tours aren’t all about sticking to a schedule either. Touring itineraries factor in plenty of time to yourself, with the flexibility to spend the afternoon sipping coffee at a pavement cafe, meandering through a city to see what you come across, or adding extra time before or after the tour to create a holiday of your own.

It also provides you with the opportunity to make new friends. Tour operators curate trips for a range of different age groups. It is also great for solo travellers. Often fellow travellers get along so well that they even arrange to meet after the trip, or go on another escorted tour together.

So, if you have been planning an adventure for 2022 or 2023 but you’d really like to get into the culture of a place, rather than the touristy part, perhaps a guided tour is for you. You will enjoy the trip of a lifetime… without any hassle.

Have a look at the brilliant holidays on Travel Department here – and don’t forget your Silver special code!

About Travel Department

Silver Magazine chooses its partners very carefully, and Travel Department is no exception. With nearly 30 years’ experience perfecting tours to around 140 destinations worldwide, Travel Department’s escorted holidays typically include flights, accommodation, transfers, and guided tours. They carefully plan your trip, so you experience the best holiday highlights accompanied by a friendly local guide.

They offer a wide range of guided group holidays from city breaks or solo travel to active and adventure holidays (including walking, yoga and photography holidays) with their sister brand, TD active Holidays.

With multiple departure airports across the UK, you can fly from Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland. In Northern Ireland they fly from Belfast (plus Dublin and Cork) and for passengers from the South they depart from Bristol and a range of London airports.

The mood is upbeat, friendly, and inclusive, where everyone feels welcome.

Travel Department’s escorted holidays typically include flights, accommodation, transfers, and guided tours. They carefully plan your trip, so you experience the best holiday highlights accompanied by a friendly local guide. With Travel Department you see more!

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