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Each week I’ll be asking someone what their corona-experience has been like. This week Julie Graham fesses up to her lockdown behaviour…


When did you first know this was going to be a big deal?

Well not when my husband said ‘this is going to be bad’ and I ridiculed him. I hate it when he’s right so don’t tell him! I still find it surreal.

What was the first concession you made to the pandemic?

Hair dye….I’ve got roots on my roots.

Did you panic-shop?

Hair dye! Well I tried but everyone had run out! I’m not ashamed. If anyone has a sneaky stash I’ll pay top dollar!

Who is in your house?

A menopausal woman (me) and two hormonal teenage girls. My very patient and understanding husband, and our dog Striker who is LOVING this. It was a High Noon moment when we realised we were going to be trapped together, but actually it’s been relatively drama free. Famous last words.

Do you even get dressed any more?!

Nope. I’m doing this naked.

How are you stopping yourself going mad?

Drinking. Eating. Writing. Walking. Filming. Wanking. I try to mix the order up every now and then.

If you could be locked down with any three people (living or dead) who would they be and why?

Tallulah Bankhead, Mae West, Ru Paul. Something for everyone!

What ‘normal’ thing do you miss the most?

Hugging. The pub.

What have you done during lockdown that you’ll keep doing once it’s lifted?

Writing for sure. Social distancing from wankers.

Are you doing any volunteering etc?

The writing project I’m doing Dun Breedin’ is linked to the Trussell Trust which is a charity connecting a network of food banks. Even if you can’t afford a money donation you can volunteer or fundraise. Unfortunately they are now a front line service during this lockdown.

What’s the first silly thing you’ll do the minute the restrictions are lifted?

I think I’ll go to the park and have a go on a swing! Kids look out!


Julie Graham has written and is performing in Dun Breedin’ – a lockdown-created, comedy, menopausal, rip-roaring sitcom showing every Thursday on Youtube.

Read all about it

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