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Warm during the days but cold as soon as the sun goes in, how do we hit that sweet spot?

As we (thankfully) head into spring and gradually shed the multiple layers we’ve been living under for the better part of four months, many of us will find dressing at this time of year somewhat awkward. How do we make that fashion transition from winter to spring?

And as we pack away some of our bulkier items, we might also want to take care of any damage done to our trusty coats and jumpers that have been worn non-stop and braced all kinds of weather conditions. With this in mind, here are a few things to consider.

Time to layer

It’s that time of year where your bulky winter jacket is slightly too warm, but it’s not warm enough that you dare venture out without an extra layer. 

This period between winter and spring can vary massively, so still hold on tight to black stockings, cardigans, and underlayers. With these by your side, you can still wear those spring clothes you’ve been hankering after for so long. 

You can also have fun layering long-sleeved tops under summery blouses and wearing floral maxi dresses with tights or leggings underneath. 

Add colour

Another great way to embrace the change in season is by introducing a pop of colour into your wardrobe. Typically associated with pastel shades and flowery patterns, spring is a great time to dig out the bolder pieces of your wardrobe.

Play around with pastel pinks, light blues, lilac and burnt orange, even adding a pop of fuchsia into the mix. With these colours, you’ll feel a surge in optimism about the warmer months ahead. 

Don’t be afraid to re-wear your old favourites

The beauty about these months is that you can wear that dress again, don your absolute favourite pair of shorts or pull out that shirt that has become something of a trademark. However, with social media constantly telling us to buy the latest trends, consumers are convinced that they need to buy more in order to stay on trend. 

Re-wearing your wardrobe will not only help you cut costs. It will also reduce your impact on the environment. Invest in your existing one by buying accessories to refresh certain pieces, trying out different outfit combinations and buying good quality staples that will see you through all seasons.

Store your winter wear

As your winter clothes go back into hibernation, make sure that it’s still in good shape the next time you need them. Store them correctly by folding or hanging them properly, doing any mending that needs doing and placing them in protective bags if needed.

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