Four of the best destinations for your must-see list

Image shows wide angle of japanese landscape - countryside in the foreground and kyoto city in the back

Got itchy feet? How many of these have you seen?

Of course, the destination you choose is completely down to your personal interests – and maybe you’ve seen some of these already. Maybe you’d like to experience an ancient culture you’ve read about. Or maybe you’d like to see how far your body can take you on an adventure holiday. Whatever your motivation to travel is, here are a few of the best destinations to add to your must-see list.

Barcelona, Spain

Image shows wide shot of the city of BarcelonaIncredibly international with a fun, laid-back vibe, Barcelona is a hotspot for people who fancy a seaside city break with all the perks of the countryside. With miles of coastline accessible from the city, as well as impressive mountain ranges nearby, you have everything in one place. It’s also a thriving artistic and creative hub. And let’s not forget the astonishing architecture!

One of the most attractive things about Barcelona is the temperature. Scorching in the summer, you can enjoy gorgeous, temperate weather during the winter. So take advantage of off-season prices, beat the heat, and enjoy Barcelona your way.

Kyoto, Japan

Image shows two Japanese women walking away from the shot dressed in traditional clothing, in a traditional Japanese street in Kyoto

Home to one of the exotic cultures that was under wraps for centuries, Japan has an air of mystique and magic that tourists can’t get enough of. Kyoto in particular is immersed in incredible stories, all of which more fantastical than the last.

Experience the purest form of Buddhism at any of the city’s many temples, some of which are older than you can possibly comprehend. Try and time your visit for cherry blossom season and enjoy an authentic tea ceremony whilst you’re there.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Image shows llama in the foreground, and behind it Machu Picchu laid out further down the mountain

Another gem for those who are intrigued by history, Machu Picchu in Peru might be one of the most famous UNESCO heritage sites in the world. Accessible by train if you book in advance, you can experience one of the world’s most ancient wonders in style and comfort.

The adventurous amongst you might prefer to tackle the famous Inca Trail which can be done in one day, with the longer version stretching out over 4-5 days. If you feel fit enough to handle it, it really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

London, UK

Image shows theatre sign in lights from the Mousetrap show in LondonWhy not start with your home territory?! Very accessible from any city in the world with frequent trains to London Kings Cross, England’s capital is a mixing pot of cultures with people from all over the world calling the giant city home. It’s one of the biggest cultural hubs in Europe. So catch one of the hottest shows at the West End, or check out which megastar is performing in the city that night.

Armed with hundreds of wonderful museums too, there’s no shortage of things to do for culture vultures here.

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