How to choose the best floral bouquets for the women in your life

Best floral bouquets for the women in your life article Silver Magazine

Whether you’re a man or a woman, there are special people you hold dear in your heart. You may love them romantically, affectionately, or familiarly. It could be your mum, your sister, your spouse, your daughter, a girlfriend, or simply a friend, but one thing seems to remain constant…

Women love flowers. Men too… but women particularly have a peculiar affection for colourful, fragrant petals, which makes them perfect gifts for her on a wide range of occasions. So how can you choose the best floral bouquets for the women in your life?

Tips when sending her flowers

Flowers are a surefire way to elevate the mood of your female recipient who also happens to be special in your life. Before sending blossoms to her, it is crucial to pick a professionally arranged bouquet that she’ll love, making sure they’re appropriate for the occasion.

Still, it’s wise to learn if she has any pollen allergies before surprising her with a bloom arrangement for the first time.

Especially if it’s her birthday, graduation, Mother’s Day, or a date, it is also essential to use a trusted florist that will ensure the arrangements get to her in good time while still fresh.

Thanks to the internet, online services like Bouqs flower delivery can be a great place to look for a diverse range of flower bouquets to suit your circumstances with surety that the ordered blooms will get to the chosen address promptly.

Perhaps because they express beauty, purity, and freshness, women have for long been great friends with flowers. And since different flowers symbolize different things, it pays to keep in mind why, when, and to whom you’re sending flowers beforehand. With this in mind, the beautiful bouquet you pick is much more likely to appeal to the special lady in your life as soon as she receives it.

Whether you intend to tell her sorry, congratulate, seduce, convince her, or reaffirm your commitment to the relationship, you will rarely go wrong with flowers. With this in mind, here’s a list of flower bouquets you can send to the precious woman in your life.

A romantic partner

From roses to lilacs, orchids, lilies, and daisies, you will be spoilt for choice regarding the types of flowers you can send to a female spouse, girlfriend, or lover. Red roses are by far the most popular, painting the world red each year on February 14th.

Red tulips are also a great way to say “I love you” whereas magenta lilacs are great for the same during the first months in love. On the other hand, you can consider purple roses or lilacs if you’re not yet dating but you really like her… they symbolize love at first sight!

A mother

Perhaps you’re a soon-to-be father or just adore her at that stage of pregnancy. Maybe you’re a lady and want to strengthen your mother-daughter relationship. Whichever the case, very few gifts can be more meaningful than flowers on Mother’s Day.

There are various varieties of bouquets that you can choose from, including lilies, orchids, poppies, lilacs, peonies, and roses, each of which comes with a specific set of benefits. A carnation bouquet is specifically a great way to tell your mother just how special she is to you!

Your female friend or relative

A bouquet for your friend or sister can express a plethora of emotions in a way that’s hard to express verbally. Whether she just broke up with her boyfriend or she’s a true drama queen, a bouquet filled with tons of colorful flowers can make all the difference.

To avoid sending the wrong signals, consider the following flowers for a female friend or sister.

● Sunflowers
● Yellow roses
● Yellow tulips
● Daisies

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