How to create your own luxury bedroom

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Want to create that luxury hotel feeling in your very own bedroom? Read on…

The bedroom is your very own private sanctuary. In here, you are at peace and can fully unwind after a long day at work or socialising with friends. This is why it’s so important to make it your own and ensure it looks as good as possible, so you can get the most satisfaction out of it. So how can you create your own luxury bedroom.

It is estimated that Brits redecorate their bedrooms every 29 months

It is estimated that Brits redecorate their bedrooms every 29 months in order to keep them on-trend and ensure you don’t grow tired of the décor. If it’s been this long or longer since you last updated your bedroom, then maybe now is the time to make those necessary changes and create the best bedroom setting for you. 

You can’t go wrong with luxury bedroom design and this article will tell you why and how exactly you can get your bedroom to look luxuriously in several simple steps. Read on to find out more. 

Set a budget

You don’t have to spend ‘luxury’ money to get a luxury feel, so it’s important you set a reasonable budget that you can afford and stick to when thinking about renovating or redecorating your bedroom.

set a reasonable budget that you can afford and stick to

Consider what existing items you want to keep in the bedroom too as this can help to save some of the costs too. After you’ve decided, you’ll know exactly what you still need to get. This will allow you to create a realistic budget to work with. 

Plan the space

There’s nothing luxurious about an overcrowded or empty-looking bedroom, so it’s important to plan the space around how you use your room. Think of the natural flow and where it makes sense to place the furniture. To get the most out of your space, consider how you can get save room too. This could be done by installing a walk-in wardrobe for example.

Choose your colour scheme

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Luxury bedroom interior, colour scheme inspired by Dulux colour of the year (Image: Pexels)

Before any furniture is purchased, having a set colour scheme is a must. There’s nothing luxurious about a mismatched colour scheme which is why it’s so important. You can opt for warm and inviting colours or maybe get with the latest trend by choosing around the Dulux Colour of the Year. 

Focal point

Every luxury room needs a focal point, so deciding what yours will help you plan the rest of the space around it. Here are some examples of focal points: 

  • Bed
  • Artwork 
  • Bookcase 
  • Canopy

Soft furnishings

Luxury doesn’t mean you have to give up comfort. That’s why you simply must overfill your pillows, opt for plush blankets and pillows, large soft rugs as well as long draping curtains. This will ensure your bedroom is both comfortable and stylish which is everything you can ever want from a bedroom.

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