Spring cleaning is so last month. Time for the summer blitz!

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Spring has been a bit of a washout, so maybe you weren’t inspired to gussy up your home with a feather duster

There’s something about the dawn of spring that generally makes us reach for the bin liners and the cleaning kit. But this year has felt a bit ‘meh’, so maybe you haven’t felt the urge for clearing out and cleaning up. If spring cleaning has passed you by, it’s time for an early summer blitz. Shall we get started?

Treat yourself 

If you struggle to push yourself to even open the cleaning supplies cupboard, decide on a reward for yourself when you’ve finished. 

Open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving, treat yourself to that top you’ve been eyeing up online, or save that Netflix episode till you’ve cleaned the bathroom. Whatever ticks your boxes. It’s almost like having a star sheet, but for adults. Yes, we are suggesting you gamify your housework.

Set yourself a timer

Cleaning can really drag on, and sometimes you feel like you’ve done loads but then look around and can’t see any evidence of it.  

Set yourself a timer. This could just be once a day for a week, you don’t need to do everything at once. Say you want to clean for an hour, set a timer for 30 minutes. Afterwards, take a five minute break, then set up another 30 minute timer. If it doesn’t seem so bad, keep going!

Scent it up

Get some products with scents that you actually like. Fabulosa have some great scented anti-backs, this Daisy Chain anti-bac will make your home smell of spring, even if the weather doesn’t seem to think it is. 

Glade also have these great Shack n Vac products you put onto the carpet before vacuuming. It’s a quick and easy way to end fresh scent into your home whilst doing a task you were already planning to do. 

Bust a move

Put some music on! Blare the speakers with your favourite tracks and make some fun out of it. No one said you have to scrub your toilet in silence.

Invest in handy products

There are lots of innovative products now that can help keep things cleaner. Meaning you don’t have to get on your hands and knees and scrub as frequently. 

These little dehumidifiers are great to keep in the barrel of your washing machine (when it’s not cleaning your clothes!). They absorb the moisture, so your washing machine doesn’t develop a smell or mould in the detergent draw as quickly.

Pick up an oven liner to put on the bottom of your oven. You won’t have to clean it as frequently as the oven liner collects any food drips and is much easier to clean that the oven itself.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be confined to kitchen counters and bathroom floors. Give your wardrobe some love as we transition into warmer weather clothes. A clothes’ steamer is a great investment to give your clothes some TLC. 

So hopefully you’re equipped with a few ways to tackle the cleaning this season, that doesn’t fill you with dread or result in a meltdown. 

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