Wardrobe investment pieces that only improve with age

These are the four items you should be investing in for your wardrobe - www.silvermagazine.co.uk

It can be difficult to know what wardrobe pieces to invest in, so here are our top suggestions of where to splash the cash

For any fashion-conscious individual, there are certain statement pieces that you’ll want to invest in. These are the kind of items that you can wear for life and, in many cases, will increase in value over time.

Investing in these pieces is how you build a sophisticated, elegant and eye-catching wardrobe. So, let’s look at a few of the best pieces, and why they’re worth splurging for.

Leather jackets

Wardrobe pieces that are worth investing in - www.silvermagazine.co.uk

A leather jacket is something that should be in every person’s wardrobe. They’re timeless and can add plenty of style to your wardrobe, but they’re also items that look better with age.

Often, leather jackets are passed down in a family and you might find that your mum’s leather jacket is worth a fair amount now!

Leather boots


Similarly, a pair of high-quality leather boots will only get better with age and be a worthwhile investment. When it comes to footwear, it is always worth spending that little bit more. Your feet will thank you for the quality.

Leather boots are also incredibly versatile. You can dress them up or down, and will fit with most outfits, no matter what your style is.


Pre-owned Rolex watches

Out of all fashion items, it is watches that have the potential to appreciate the most and there is a big demand for luxury, rare and vintage watches.

Rolex, in particular, is a highly desirable brand and you can find a pre-owned Rolex online that makes it a lot easier to afford this investment piece. This will be an item that will elevate your personal style, impress others and boost your self-confidence, which makes it a great wardrobe upgrade.


Vintage sunglasses are always in style

Cheap sunglasses can be good for certain situations, like going to a music festival, but they can’t compete in terms of style and functionality with designer sunglasses.

Designer sunglasses not only look fantastic, but they provide important UV protection. The key is to find a pair of sunglasses that suit your face shape – this is why you should always try on different pairs and get expert advice before pulling the trigger.

Why do some pieces increase in value?

Fashion items increase in value over time because of demand, rarity, craftsmanship, and uniqueness.

In order for items to hold their value or appreciate, it is vital that they are kept in good condition. So take the time to research how to look after your investment pieces, like cleaning according to instructions, safe storage and only wearing items in a safe environment.

Adding statement pieces to your wardrobe can elevate your personal style and give you greater self-confidence, but it could also be a smart financial move as well.

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