10 men over 50 proving that age is just a number

Nick Pearce

Instagram and blogging is often seen as women’s territory but a growing army of awesome men are proving that wrong.

Instagram is home to literally thousands of men over 50 ‘living their best lives’. And yes, we hate that expression too, but it kind of fits. Finding themselves modelling in their 50s and 60s, these guys are coming from a number of different places – whether it’s about the beard, the fitness, the tattoos or the lifestyle – or all of the above. We took some time to find out a bit more about what makes some of them tick, and what they do when the cameras are off…


Philippe Dumas

Philippe Dumas is 65 and lives in Paris. He worked for 25 years as a unit manager in the movie business before starting modeling three years ago. Loves animals and has a Scottish fold cat named Arsene, whom you can see plenty of on his IG feed, lots of tails and paws! Amazingly he’s single. “I love sports and take ballet classes. Age is just a number. Youth is in your head,” he says.

Nick Pearce

Nick Pearce is 53 and lives in Cheltenham UK. He was a model in his early 20s after winning a national model competition, then became a professional snooker player for 15 years, playing on BBC and Sky Sports. “In my 40s I became a father of three, and before turning 50 was asked to model again; now I’m signed to agencies in London, Paris and Hamburg and have also acted this year in two major British TV shows,” he says. “Also I work as a teaching assistant in a special needs school since 2010.”
His life motto? “Family comes first, then life can be enjoyed.”


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Alessandro Manfredini

Alessandro Manfredini is first and foremost a sculptor, and is also a graphic designer. “In the past five years fashion has come into my life,” he says, “and for fun I enjoy playing the model!” What motto does he live his life by? “Amici a tavola e un buon Lambrusco! Friends at the table and a good Lambrusco.”


Greg Berzinsky

Greg Berzinsky originally hails from Pennsylvania with a European and Russian heritage. Growing up he was the tall skinny kid who didn’t fit in, but as he’s grown into his own skin and self, he’s taking the world by storm. He’s one of the good guys and his faith is strong. His motto? “You are not your own boss. Work is unto the Lord. Keep on growing.”


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Fall Ahead –the chill this morning has me thinking all things Autumn. #tbt 1📷@philatawgrapher @rideandsons Jacket

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Martin Kuhlmann

Half Greek and half German, vegetarian Martin lives in Berlin but spends plenty of time in Greece (Athens & Thessaloniki). He’s a big snowboarder and loves tennis, yoga, jogging – and chess! He doesn’t drink or smoke but his secret weakness is chocolate. “I’m always trying to develop myself as a person and my motto in life is to be good to yourself, to all human and living beings, and appreciate the environment.”


Francisco Cipriano

Francisco Cipriano models literally all over the world and loves what he does, but is now also working on new projects close to his heart and his love of Portugal. “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about reinventing yourself,” he says. And proves it, as guide and narrator for a documentary called Movement. The film aims to provide the viewer with an awe-inspiring insight into the lives of not so ordinary people, traveling around Portugal’s countryside and coast in a captivating way. Read about it here.


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A single picture can tell you lots of stories. But this one is kind of special. Last session from this year summer break. 20 days of surf, sun, ocean, sunset & early mornings, fresh bread, family and friendship. Its good to slow down a bit. It’s amazing to be in a place where I’m all the time but where I still have so much to discover. The world come together in this place. Thanks Richard de Wit and @ilsankerphoto for the afternoon gin&tonic, even if the dinner was just an omelette. The waves were amazing that morning. @danishwoodsm for sharing your amazing van to the word! Perfection I must say. You guys Alessandro Bigotti @alessia_gio77 and Eric Rico Cerlo for the company in the rocks! To you @vagabondnotes for been the first one to have it in your camera forever. Thanks! It’s your turn now. Trust me! @diana85sa forget about Berlengas … It’s just a rock! … @alijohnwatts for the big effort in that grey wet morning…. @jorgeduarte2427 and @tt_duarte42 let’s do more next year. And you my friend @liquidph2oto for the captures in your camera. … also this one! To the other Alessandro @explorationsofhumanity … we miss you. We have you in our hearts in each wave we surf! Come back soon. |EVERYBODY NEEDS A PLACE IN THE SUN | #atlanticocean #portugal #surfingdays #thetrickytraveler #everybodyneedsaplaceinthesun #baleal #peniche #surfingdays #thebestplacetobe#surfinginportugal #finallyinholidays #vanlife #excelwetsuits @livestoked magic board !

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Manos Pintzis

Manos is 50 years and lives Athens, Greece. He’s a family man, with two kids, and for 20 years has been an actor, graduating into modelling in more recent years. “I love jazz, I travel, love movies and the theatre. I’m a lover of classical things,” he says. “My motto? ‘It’s never too late for a big change.’”


Craig Harris


Craig is from Melbourne, Australia. “I am interested in, but not limited to fashion, lifestyle, cars, food and fitness,” he says. He’s model and an ambassador for AU Life Pilates. Out and proud, he’s got a great YouTube channel – links are all on his Insta account.



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  1. As a 56 year old fit silver fox myself. I am inspired by stories of other gents like myself!!

  2. Rene Rotermundt 23/10/2018 at 1:19 pm

    Dear Sam

    I am 56 and believe in staying young. I really appreciate the selection of men you have presented here. They all inspire.

    Kind regards,

  3. A bunch of classy men.

  4. Ihr habt mich vergessen!

  5. Ihr habt mich wohl vergessen!

  6. Thanks for your motivation. I’m 60 next year and planning a comeback into fitness modelling.
    Stay safe🙏

  7. What you reep you sow
    These gentlemen are benefiting from there humble and dedicated persona to be the very best human they can be
    Hats of to you all

  8. These men all look the same, and there all about fashion and fitness. I’m afraid it’s all rather shallow, I’m 52, not grey, still head of brown hair and no beard, couldn’t care less about clothes, most men I know do not fit these superficial categories we’ve got more to think about

  9. These men are inspirations. Stop with all the sour grape comments. Yes, I’m fit, fashion forward, with a full head of brown hair and longish full beard. My only jealousy derives from their beautiful silver locks. Turning grey is nature’s way of softening our looks as we get older. Embrace it. Why, O Lord, do I have next to no grey hair??? Yes, I welcome turning a luxurious white/silver/grey. If it ever happens. (I’m 72)

  10. Garlan L McPherson 08/12/2023 at 1:29 am

    This is what we should strive for each day as men to be fit and look well groomed in our later years ,I’m 58 and damn good looking and proud of it..

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