A retreat where longevity science and spa treatments combine

A new science-led retreat aims to boost and rejuvenate your cells to give life-enhancing effects

Many of us love a spa weekend. The calm atmosphere and relaxing treatments – you come away feeling rested and pampered. However, the results don’t always last as long as you’d like! The new Longevity Accelerator Retreat has taken pampering and rejuvenation to the next level, so the effects carry on long after you leave.

The science-focused experience combines technology and wellbeing to boost cell function, re-energise, and detoxify the body, all tailored by personal bio analysis information. The retreat’s personalised scientific insight is invaluable to building a regime that boosts longevity. And the entire experience is underscored by the care and attentiveness of staff and treatment.

A spa trip like no other

The retreat is held here, at the Four Seasons, Hampshire

The entire retreat is set in the stunning Georgian mansion of the Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire. With the beautiful English countryside as the backdrop to the trip, you’re sure to feel rested and relaxed before any of your treatment even starts.

The team provides more than just an overnight spa trip. Consultations with nutritionists and medical experts formulate the treatment you receive, ensuring every guest gets the most out of their retreat. A one-to-one consultation with a doctor will also address concerns and help you gain a deeper understanding of your individual health.

Tailored, scientific longevity treatment

The bio analysis is what makes this retreat a truly stand-out experience. It provides a breakdown of each guest’s body on a molecular level. This analysis measures fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, and visceral fat composition.

Fat mass sheds light on any weight fluctuations within a person. Measuring your skeletal muscle mass will help maintain the muscle mass through weight management and diet. Finally, identifying visceral fat value is highly important, as it’s a high indicator of how at risk an individual is to cardiometabolic illnesses, like heart disease, stroke, or diabetes.

The bio analysis provides a breakdown of each guest’s body on a molecular level

Genetic testing is also included at the retreat, which will highlight any changes in the genes, that could cause health issues. So, you’ll know well in advance if there’s a chance you’re susceptible to a rare or inherited condition. Providing guests with knowledge and the empowerment to take their health into their hands.

Following the bio analysis, experts use this information to build the most effective nutrition plan, exercise regime, and treatments for your body, during the stay. Which is what truly makes this a unique and personal retreat experience.

The spa treatment side

The science doesn’t just stop at bioanalysis though. The spa treatments on the retreat utilise the latest scientific technology to boost and rejuvenate your cells.

LGP and red light therapy treatments are used to improve skin health, boost collagen, increase muscle recovery, and reduce joint pain. So how does this work?

This type of light therapy has been found to enhance the body’s cellular function through stimulating the mitochondria, which power the cell. The stimulation of mitochondria strengthens cells, leading to cells repairing themselves and functioning with higher efficiency. Providing deep life-enhancing treatment.

The spa treatments on the retreat utilise the latest scientific technology to boost and rejuvenate your cells

Other treatments are also available to re-energise and boost muscular fitness. EMS training targets deep muscles which are often hard to activate in traditional work outs. Altitude training and radio frequency will regenerate and increase endurance, and ‘airenergy’ inhalation feeds your body’s cells with highly oxygenated air.

The tailored life-enhancing treatment also extends into nutrition and movement. Expect locally sourced ingredients and fresh smoothies to further boost your internal rejuvenation by detoxifying the body and boosting digestion.

The take aways

A luxury venue, the highest standard of service and care, partnered with leading technology to enhance and rejuvenate the body makes this spa experience unsurpassed by others.

And, in addition to all that, support from the Longevity Accelerator Retreat extends beyond the stay. Personalised meal plans and supplements are provided to continue guests’ rejuvenation journey past the walls of the Four Seasons Hotel. You are also given a report from the genetic and bio analysis. Therefore, you come away feeling confident in your own health journey.


The Longevity Accelerator Retreat takes place across two days and one night. From 24 February to 25 February 2024. If you’re interest in boosting your own health and longevity, you can book this experience now.

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