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Dun Breedin’ is a drama series written by and starring Julie Graham, together with a potent female cast that includes Tamzin Outhwaite, Tracy Ann Oberman, Denise Welch, Angela Griffin and Alison Newman.

There’s also cameo roles (so far) by Kate Thornton and Steve Jameson.

It’s filthy, funny, feisty and full of Fs. It’s also a very realistic portrayal of being menopausal, fifty-something and full of rage.

But it’s not all fire and brimstone though. The cast are all good mates in real life, and their stories and characters in the drama are interwoven with humour and mischief. For many of us 50+ girls (and boys), much of this feels so familiar you could cheer.

What a relief to see our lives and ages depicted without a sugary coat, or a snide joke.

Arguments with teenage daughters, sex with younger boyfriends, hopeless husbands who live in the shed. Mothers hiding to try and find somewhere to have a quiet fag. Women working at the frontline during lockdown. Secretly facing huge personal debt… these are everyday situations that only serve to endear the characters to us. We all know these women.

I’m not going to tell you too much about the storyline – I’ve seen both episodes that have aired so far and we’re clearly working towards a central plot. So just watch it, the link is below. But I can tell you that the whole thing has been shot in lockdown, using smartphones and whatever else everyone can get their hands on. And the dance that those restrictions creates is cleverly choreographed.

This is great fun. It’s groundbreaking in a number of ways – not least in the way the restrictions placed on the production and shooting have necessitated a creative approach. It is the mother of invention after all. But the fact that there aren’t more honest, authentic drama series about people our age makes this a trailblazer. It’s about bloody time.

Exclusive interview for Silver Magazine by creator Julie Graham


Watch Dun Breedin’ on YouTube. Each new episode airs about 3pm on a Thursday

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  1. Dun Breeding is fabulous. I look forward to seeing another series.

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