Retiring this year? See our top five holiday ideas for older travellers

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Wanting to make the most of your retirement travelling? Here’s some holiday inspiration that won’t be tough on the body

As we age, our holiday priorities change. While active holidays and mountainous adventures might’ve been on the cards a few years back, now could be the time to find gentler and more relaxing ways of spending your time off.

While you’re still young at heart, there’s no better time to see parts of the world you never expected to. Whether you go alone or as part of a group, you could discover a new side to yourself through cultural activities, spotting wildlife, and discovering new cuisines. We’ve outlined five brilliant ideas to help you plan your next holidays.

Which are the best holiday ideas for senior travellers?

Wellness retreats

Just looking to relax and unwind on holiday? Spa and wellness retreats offer the perfect opportunity to simply chill out and look after your physical and emotional well-being. After all, you deserve to be pampered at the end of your career. 

Why not take a friend and chill out together? You’ll also find specialist wellness retreats available for seniors. These might include nutrition therapy, daily meditations, and soothing activities for your body, including yoga. In fact, yoga has been linked to better health, helping to improve circulation and lower stress and anxiety – so there’s no better time to start. 

River cruise holidays

If the idea of a huge commercial ship feels slightly intimidating but you’d still like to experience a cruise, why not consider going on a river cruise holiday? Smaller than ocean cruises, these friendly holidays provide an easier environment in which to make friends and can be more budget-friendly than ocean cruises too.

Whether you’re going solo or with your life partner, river cruise holidays make a fantastic opportunity to experience a new part of the world at a slower pace. You’ll have the freedom to roam around on the deck, grab a drink and admire the views, or rest up in your cabin.

Holiday lodges in the UK

With so many fantastic National Parks and officially recognised Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the UK is a fantastic choice for a holiday destination. And with more families staying in the UK to avoid soaring temperatures and high costs abroad, heading on holiday within England, Scotland, or Wales could be more comfortable too.

If you’re the type of holidaymaker who loves to return to your favourite place time after time, it could be worth looking at lodges for sale in rural parts of the country. Along with the convenience of knowing that you can return to your cosy home-from-home after just a few hours on the road, you’ll be able to make memories with your family there too.

All-inclusive resorts

All-inclusive holidays include all of your food and drinks at the same hotel or restaurants within the same resort. If you’d prefer a holiday that doesn’t involve too much walking, staying in an all-inclusive resort could be a wonderful idea.

You’ll also enjoy unrivalled – and often private – access to swimming pools, beaches, and fantastic bars and restaurants. All-inclusive resorts are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a sociable, easy-going time away.

Wine-tasting tours 

Lastly, if you’d like to go abroad but you’d prefer to leave the organisation to someone else, wine-tasting tours could be a brilliant choice. You’ll find plenty of options across the famous wine-tasting regions in France, including Bordeaux, Provence, and the Loire Valley – and luckily, flying isn’t necessary to cross the channel, either.

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