How to celebrate your anniversary with your partner

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Does it feel like you’ve been together forever, and anniversaries are less important these days?

Making sure you you keep marking important dates is a sure-fire way to keep romance alive. Particularly if you feel the romance might not be quite so strong these days. If you’re thinking of planning something unforgettable for your romantic date, and how to celebrate your anniversary, here are a few different thoughts. Show your partner appreciation and celebrate your relationship together.

Anniversaries (in all their forms) are an important part of life. These special days remind us of important past events, be it personal or cultural milestones.

Especially important are the anniversaries with your partner, like your wedding anniversary, the date you first met, or even another special day that you both hold close to your heart.

Signify the importance of your anniversary

Work, chores, the daily grind – sometimes life just gets in the way of spending time together with your partner. Celebrating an anniversary can help as a reminder to you (both) that you’re in it together, and that love and romance are still part of the deal. You’re not just chugging along.

It’s a joyful way for you to take a step out of the norm and remember the relationship, and celebrating can help your partner feel cared for. Just setting aside time to celebrate your relationship on one specific day can mean the world.

Choose the perfect gift

OK so giving gifts can be a minefield if you’re not both on the same page. Giving your partner a gift on your anniversary is an easy way to show just how much you care for them. However, it’s important to also check with your partner about if you both want to do gift giving this year.

For some people, gift-giving can be complicated, or harder for them to do, so make sure to check beforehand. Make it really clear: are you giving gifts or not?!

If you do want to exchange anniversary gifts, there are a few ways to sift through the minefield that’s choosing an anniversary present. There are already special gift traditions that exist, for example, it’s traditional to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary with silver, so a diamond ring can be a great gift if you’re hitting a quarter of a decade with your partner.

It doesn’t have to be a big gesture, just make sure you’ve both got similar expectations. Even flowers can be a great present. For those celebrating their first wedding anniversary, carnations have typically symbolised lasting vows and joy for the upcoming years. And they last for ages! Perhaps that’s why they’re associated with longevity like this.

Create new memories – and revisit old ones!

It might be making new memories or reliving old ones, but your anniversary is the perfect time to focus on the memories of your relationship. Visit the place you had your first date or do something you’ve never done before.

Why not try something a bit different? A cocktail tasting evening, or a trip to a theme park to ride the rollercoasters. Or you could go to a comedy night, or even have a little getaway, rekindle the romance.

And your anniversary doesn’t have to make your bank account cry in fear. There are still plenty of ways to create lasting memories on a budget. Why not go out for coffee, or breakfast instead of dinner? Or equally, cook your partner breakfast in bed!

So, if you’re now wondering just how to celebrate your anniversary with a special someone, hopefully the above suggestions will give you some food for thought!

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