Mature skin care in winter – top tips for the over-50s

Beauty expert Karen Davis looks at how to love your skin in winter, and how beauty is far more than skin deep

The cold weather is tough on everyone’s skin – not just from being outside in the cold, but also the drying effects of central heating. So, what are the best beauty products and practices for mature skin care in winter?

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Wrinkles, lines, jowls – the list of words that you quite often see associated with anti-ageing mature skin care isn’t an inspiring mix. But at SILVER, we are looking at things differently. Here are some top things you can do to encourage great skin when you’re over fifty. And it’s not just all about creams.


This doesn’t surprise you, does it? We can topically apply products that help retain water on the skin’s surface, but nothing beats drinking it – two litres day regardless of how many loo breaks that makes.


Caring for mature skin in winter anti ageing over 50 Silver Magazine the fruit and veg down you. Berries, walnuts, seeds, probiotic yoghurt – you know the drill.


Now, I’m not a doctor so always consult yours before taking supplements, but it’s a fair guess that you will be light on Omega3, Zinc, Vit C, Magnesium, and a few others. Vit D is also well worth a look at as well during winter.


Exercise keeps the blood flowing - healthy winter skin Silver Magazine beats blood flowing into the skin as it brings oxygen and nutrients into play. Fresh air is also fantastic for skin, but if you’re out in bracing wind/rain/snow, do pop on a high-quality barrier balm to protect, as well as your SPF – and never go outside without your SPF!

5. SPF

Sun damage will sap your glow. SPF30 every day, even in winter. One of my favourites is Ultrasun FACE SPF30 (25ml / £11 /


Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm - feature on Silver MagazineDouble cleanse is a new phenomenon. At night only, the first cleanse is with something like Emma Hardie’s Moringa Cleansing Balm (100ml / £47 /, an oil-based cleanser that you gently massage into skin.

Gatineau Therapie Purete Micellar Milk Cleanser 200ml


Once done, use a water-soluble cleanser like Gatineau’s Micellar Milk Cleanser (200ml / £23 / – you’ll really see the difference in tone and glow if you keep this up.

Jane Scrivner Skinfoliate - review on Silver Magazine


Every few days the top layer of skin needs to be turned over because we need to allow the fresh skin cells below to come through. However, we were brought up with facial ‘scrubs’. You remember, the stuff with bits in it. All facial scrubs with bits whether it’s oats, apricot kernels, coconut fibre – I don’t care, bin them. They really scratch your skin. Go for a liquid exfoliator such as Jane Scrivner’s Skinfoliate (150ml / £29); organic, a mix of very mild acids – use at night a couple of times each week after cleansing.


Here’s a crazy thought – why don’t you look at your skin each day and think about what it needs? If you’ve had a heavy night, bring out the big guns such as day serums, liquid exfoliators, face oils, eye creams and moisturisers. If your skin is looking half decent, dial it down with a light moisturiser and serum. Give your skin what it asks you for.


Smug sleep mask on Silver Magazine featureSleep is key and I’ve been road testing SleepSmug’s Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask (£12 / It’s shaped a bit like a padded bra so that the mask doesn’t rest on your eyes (so if you have lash extensions it’s no bother) but does keep the light out.


Sensory Retreats self heating mask Aurora Eyes BoxI’ve also been checking out Sensory Retreats’ Self-Heating Eye Masks (£3.95 / These are single use as a heated eye mask (you can keep as a regular eye mask rather than throwing it away) and if you pop a bit of eye cream on before you use it works a treat!


BioEffect EGF SerumThese are the money shot in beauty terms after the age of 50. You want to splash the cash, here is the place to do it. Top choice for me is BioEffect EGF Serum (15ml / £130 / because it retains moisture in the skin superbly, and we want that because moisture plumps, giving glow and freshness.


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