Men’s health: Four simple ways to look and feel better this winter

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Summer’s not here anymore, but that doesn’t need to mean giving up on your appearance

Men’s health in winter is vital to keep on top of, and self-care for men can be overlooked. But with the added pressures of the cost-of-living crisis, investing in yourself is more important than ever before.

You don’t need to replace your usual hobbies – instead, try to see a new routine as an enrichment to the way you live now. It’s never too late to start caring for your body, health, and mind. Here’s how you can get started and feel better this winter.

Self-care for men: Four simple steps towards becoming your best self

1. Style your hair

Refreshing your hairstyle can be one of the most effective ways to feel better. Winter often calls for major haircuts, especially if your hair is dry or starting to grow out beyond a length that’s easy to maintain.

By styling your hair, you can feel ready to tackle almost anything the day throws at you. If you’ve had your confidence knocked by a period of thinning or balding, specialised products like hair building fibres could help you to get back on track and feel unstoppable again.

2. Find a winter skincare routine

Your skin and hair might need more maintenance through colder weather, especially if you’re working long hours outside. Following a skincare routine will help you show off that healthy glow all through the season, no matter how extreme the outdoor conditions become.

Nourished skin not only helps you to appear healthy but could even make you look younger too. Of course, there’s a confidence-boosting element to having clear skin, too. When you feel more presentable, especially at work, you’ll be able to handle any task with enthusiasm and vigour.

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3. Improve your posture

The way you carry yourself could influence the way you feel throughout the day. Scientific studies suggest that improving your posture not only helps your body but has been linked to higher brain processing speeds and positive mood changes.

And improving your posture couldn’t be more straightforward. A few of the quick ways to fix your posture include:

  • Sit properly: If you have a job that requires you to spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, this is vital. Try to sit with both feet on the floor, with your legs uncrossed. Your shoulders should be relaxed, and if possible, try to keep your knees facing forward.
  • Stand tall: Thinking about improving your posture will naturally improve it over time. Concentrate on how you hold your shoulders and back, even when you’re doing something as simple as making a coffee.
    Work your muscles: Did you know that one of the biggest causes of joint and muscle pain is a lack of movement? Get up, shake out your legs, or hit the gym – you’ll notice the benefits quickly.

4. Consider nail care

Low temperatures and harsh, dry air have been proven to cause skin irritation and even eczema flare-ups during winter. If your hair and skin are suffering, your nails will likely be too – since they’re made of keratin, the same key protein in hair.

Nailcare is not just for women. If you’ve got a partner at home, they’ll likely notice any time and effort you might put into cleaning and restoring your nails. Once you know that you’re not walking around with dirty nails anymore, there’s bound to be an inevitable confidence boost too.

A final note

You don’t need to change much to feel more energised through winter. By taking care of your skin, hair, and body, you’ll notice benefits that seep into your emotional well-being too.

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